5 Simple Tips To Create A Bedroom Haven


I’m so excited to share my 5 Simple Tips To Create A Bedroom Haven with y’all today. I don’t know how it is at your house, but in each of the five houses my husband and I have lived in over the past almost seven years, the master bedroom was always the last place to get any decorating attention. More often than not, it ended up being a catch-all space where we dropped into bed at the end of each day. Our bedroom was definitely not a cozy, comfortable “haven” to enjoy and relax in.

When Sleep Number challenged me to create a bedroom haven, at first I laughed because we’re currently {and temporarily} living in a 120 year old house and it has some ugly parts…one of which is the master bedroom. What? You don’t believe me? Read on. As I thought about creating a happy, cozy space, I decided that in spite of the ugliness, I would make it work.

5 Simple Tips To Create A Bedroom Haven

1. Clear Out The Clutter

I cleared out the clothes, picked up paper clutter and cleaned off flat surfaces like the nightstand, dresser and chest. Having these spaces open and clean sets my heart at east and allows me to relax.

2. Dim The Lights {And Use Candles}

I have detested overhead lighting for as long as I remember. As a teen, I always was turning the overhead lights off and turning lamps on at home. I think I drove my dad crazy with this idiosyncrasy.

It doesn’t cost a dime to turn off the bright lights and turn on the lamps. Even light a candle or two! I love to relax with low-light!

3. Fluff With Pillows

It is easy to add extra pillows to your bed and chairs in your bedroom. Pillows add a touch of luxury while making your room more comfortable. I don’t know about you, but I love reading and surfing the web in bed, so extra pillows make it more comfy.

4. Cozy Up With A Throw

There is nothing more miserable than trying to rest and having cold feet or arms. Using a throw blanket on a chair or at the end of your bed adds texture as well as a warm welcoming vibe to a bedroom.

5. Embrace Your Space

Last, but not least, it is a passion of mine to be content and happy with what I have. I want you, my readers, to feel the same way. Yes, I have a lovely living room with a fireplace that I love to decorate, but that’s really the only “pretty” room in our house.

The bedroom has hideous wallpaper from…the 80s? See?

Since we’re only renting here temporarily and I have no idea what’s behind the wallpaper, I’m not touching it. Ha!

On top of these 5 simple tips that have helped us relax and enjoy our bedroom space more, we’ve been immensely enjoying our new Sleep Number® i8 bedIn Balance™ Sheets  and AirFit™ Adjustable Pillows. Y’all. I can’t give enough accolades to this wonderful company. At our in-store visit, we were treated like royalty. I love how the Sleep Number software shows how our back pressure changed based on various numbers. My perfect number is 35 and my husband’s is 30.

My hubs and I agree that we haven’t slept this well in a long time. I’ve noticed that since we’ve had our Sleep Number bed, my husband hasn’t complained once about being hot when he sleeps. Both the bed and the sheets have temperature balancing technology. Love it! We also love the adjustable pillows. There’s a teeny knob in one corner to allow you to make the pillow as firm or soft as you like. Ingenious!!

Even though our master bedroom isn’t “Pinterest perfect,” it is clean, cozy and comfortable for us to relax in at the end of our busy days.

So, I would love to know…what is YOUR favorite way to make your bedroom more comfortable?

Have a happy weekend! 🙂

P.S. Get more tips on creating a Bedroom Haven and a coupon for a Free Illume Candle in store {while supplies last} on the Sleep Number website and find out more on their Facebook page.

I received these free Sleep Number® products to review from Select Comfort / Sleep Number for this post to create my bedroom haven.

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    1. Thanks Maria for your comment! That TV is the only one we have and it’s never on…well accept for severe weather or a “once in a blue moon” ball game. 🙂 I’m gonna email you back tomorrow! xo

  1. Love,”be content and with what you have”. My favorite thing to do in my bedroom is put on clean sheets. Every once in a while I will even iron the pillow cases and top sheet……….heaven.

  2. ”be content and with what you have”…….. love that!! the hubby and I were JUST complaining about our master bedroom size just last night (it’s SO tiny)

    I bed your new bed is AMAZING – I had no clue there were special sheets as well!! I bet if we had a bed and bedding like that, we’d forget about how small our bedroom is! 😉

    great post Myra
    TidyMom´s last blog post ..Fair Trade Month & Keurig Giveaway: I’m Lovin’ It

  3. I too detest overhead lighting!! My husband always has the “big bright” lights on, and I’m always turning them off and turning on lamps. So funny!

    I try to be content with what we have. It’s a struggle at times (our house is 100 years old), but I do what I can to make our home cozy (for example, turning on lamps ;)).

  4. So true! I love the reminder! We have a Sleep Number Bed (35 for me/50 for hubby) and when we got it his backaches immediately went away! But I didn’t know about the sheets and pillows. I am going to check that out immediately (Christmas gifts here we come!).

    Thanks for the reminder to appreciate what we have and the candles….I love me some candles. But I get out of the habit and forget to use them. Love this post! Lisa~
    Lisa~´s last blog post ..31 Everyday Ways to Connect with Your Child, Day 19: Ask Their Advice

    1. Thanks Lisa for your comment! Yes!! Y’all will love the sheets and pillows. They are amazing! xo

  5. Thanks for writing this post, Myra! What an encouragment! Staying content can be a HUGE issue for us women, especially in this day of Pinterest and Blogs!!! 😉 You don’t even know how many times I’ve looked at your BEAUTIFUL home decor and remodeling posts and wished my house was more fancy and modern! Your sweet, humble post was such a simple reminder to strive for beauty and loveliness to the best of our ability, and then be content with what we really can’t do much about! 🙂 I am SO living this with you, friend! (You should see OUR old fixer-upper. Definitely an ongoing work in progress!!!) Sometimes my “not perfect” home grates on these perfectionist nerves of mine, so know that I’m not just talking fluff when I say this blog post was perfect for me! Keep up the good job of “balanced” blogging!

  6. We got a Sleep Number bed for our wedding present from my family – it has been absolutely ammmmmaaaazzzing! I slept horribly before and never had a full nights sleep without ever waking up numerous times. Now, I may wake up once, and that’s rare! Loving my sleep 🙂
    Corinne´s last blog post ..another wedding weekend – back in PA

    1. Yay!!!!!! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying your Sleep Number bed! I can’t get over how much better I’m sleeping!

  7. I so agree with all of your tips! The lighting is my pet peeve too, I’ve even put up some white Christmas lights in our bedroom so I don’t have to light candles constantly, because in the California heat, we always have fans going so candles don’t work. I’m in the middle of a master bedroom makeover, but also switching rooms with our 3 boys to give them the bigger one. Our master will be TINY and cramped (but NOT cluttered), but I’ve painted dressers and nightstands, am building a padded headboard, sewing curtains, and coordinating colors and patterns so it’s cute. It HAS to be restful. No Sleep Number for us, though we would love to, but it is still a peaceful room. Thanks for your post!

  8. Great tips Myra!! Such a great reminder to “be content” with what you have! There is really nothing wrong with my master bedroom, but I’ve been dying to make it over for about a year now!! So many great ideas & inspiration in blogland!!

    The sleep number bed sounds AMAZING!! I love the idea of the temperature balancing technology! My husband is always hot & I am always cold! Maybe that would help with our problem!
    Tonya @ Love of Family & Home´s last blog post ..Happily Ever Before & After Week 8: Girls’ Attic Bedroom Makeover via The Pennington Point

    1. Cyndi, we are kindred spirits! I make my bed every single day. I guess I can thank my mom for that. LOL!

  9. I think I may have to look into one of these for our next bed…ours is now ten years old {I don’t know how long to go between mattresses}. But, yes, be content. We have a TINY master bedroom. People come over and tell me that it isn’t THAT small, but that’s because I’ve got them fooled by doing all kinds of things to make it look bigger. It’s now a fantastic place and such a haven. One thing we did years ago was take our TV out — THAT is definitely the best thing to set a “romantic” mood in there!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun
    Becky@OrganizingMadeFun´s last blog post ..31 Days of Organizing Fun: Day #19 — Pegboard

    1. Hey Becky! Thanks for your comment! 🙂 Our bedroom is ridiculously teeny too. It’s 9×12 with a door to the living room, a door to the bathroom, one to the closet and double windows. As for that old TV, well it’s the only one we have. And it’s never on…except for a ball game or severe weather once in a blue moon. We’re not a TV watching kinda family, so it doesn’t deter romance. {giggle}

    1. Thanks for your comment, Melissa! 🙂 That crazy TV is actually the only one we own and it’s never on. We cut our cable months ago and haven’t looked back. I love the photo idea!! xo

  10. We got a reversible comforter for our bed and accent throws to give us some additional color. I favor colors in threes so we have browns, greens, and cream. But I can pack the greens and pull out other colors that would match just as nicely. I also love using dim lights in the bedroom and lots of candles. We have several mirrors also which add to the candle light.
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Developing Gratitude with the Family

  11. It was not such a bad thing at all. it actually looked cozier than my own bedroom. If you could only see it, you could really say that yours is better. Excellent job.

  12. I love the simplicity of it! Even your wall-paper. I used to have some quite like that. It could be much worse; I had chickens on the kitchen walls of our last rental house. Real chickens, complete with a chicken wire pattern for the background.

  13. Wow – what an elaborate advertisement. It was not well done either… thought I was going to receive some real advice. I guess most people don’t see this for what it is. What a shame – y’all.

  14. Sounds fine, except for the candles. I understand they’re one of the worst forms of indoor air pollution. Might at least warn those, like me, with breathing difficulties.

  15. I agree with “be content with what you have.” We are also renting temporarily and what has made our bedroom a haven is adding pillowcases with affirmations on them from http:///apillowforyourthoughts.com They have really been a super way to focus on inspiration at the end of the day and I love waking up to a positive word on my pillow.

  16. No sleep # bed here, but a 4″ memory foam topper & a sleep study with the resulting CPAP machine has done wonders for both of us having a healthy & restful sleep. Never accomodate a snorer..sleep apnea is very dangerous to the health & becoming quite prevalent, even in young adults.

    As for your dreaded wallpaper, I can’t think of any landlord who would refuse an offer to remove it & replace it with paint. Here’s the secret to easy removal which never failed me during the decade of wallpaper popularity. Buy a wallpaper scorer..you move it in circles & it puts tons of tiny holes in the wallpaper but doesn’t damage the walls. Next, you need a one gallon pump sprayer…the kind used for weed spray or insecticide. Fill it with boiling hot water & vinegar. I don’t remember my ratio, but since it’s so cheap, I think it was close to 4:1. Spray away, then let it set up for say 15-30 mins to soak through the holes & wet the backing. Use a blade edge (like a putty scaper) & place it low between the wallpaper seams & press your way up until it starts to separate. Now start tugging on the diagonal & it should start coming off in large sections. Spray & repeat. As long as you have some warmth in your solution, you’re good. Trust me, this method is no more messier than a steamer & quicker too! Good luck.

  17. Love the flower you made with the palms. Have never seen that design done before. Thanks for the great ideas. This is the first time visiting your website and I love it. Especially going to try the Chocolate-Cranberry Energy Bites.

  18. Thanks for suggesting that we add extra pillows to the beds and chairs inside our bedroom. My husband asked me what do I want as a gift for our 5th wedding anniversary and I told him that I want to redesign the master bedroom. It might be a good idea to measure the entire space first before shopping for new decoration and furniture.

  19. For me, the bedroom is a place of strength. It should always be cozy and comfortable. The air conditioner always makes sure that the temperature is pleasant. Do not forget about timely prevention and cleaning, so that it does not let you down at the right time, you can always find HVAC repair near me

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