8 Simple Ways To Create A Gallery Wall

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Decorating an expansive wall space can be intimidating. It is hard to decide if one large piece of artwork or a collection of smaller pieces would be a better choice. My favorite way to decorate a large empty wall is with a gallery – a collection of photos, artwork and frames.

gallery wall

Gallery walls create wonderful texture and dimension in a room or hallway, as well as allow your personality to shine through.

1. Choose A Theme

This first step is likely the most time consuming because you have to decide the theme for your gallery wall. A playroom or child’s bedroom would be a perfect space to display artwork. A music room could have a gallery wall of framed vintage music. Family photos including portraits, special events and places that you’ve vacationed are nice options for decorating a hall or living room wall.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I used to have a Gallery Wall in my previous house and have been thinking about adding one in my current home. I like useing family photos in mine
    Blessings, Deborah H. Bateman-Author

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