10 Spice Organization Tips

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I’m not sure if it’s just me, but my spice cabinet remains in a state of disarray no matter how hard I try to keep things at least standing up. It’s some kind of curse to have various sized jars and bottles that don’t stack right, fall over and sometimes avalanche when the door is opened. Ha!! Please tell me I’m not alone?!

I’ve rounded up ten spice organization ideas for y’all! Some of the ideas are similar, but there are unique qualities about each one.


How adorable are these repurposed baby food jars used as spice jars on the refrigerator?! Love them!


Beautiful jars and shelving from IKEA. I’m so deprived, but someday I will get to visit an IKEA. 🙂


Jelly jars stored on a piece of sheet metal…cool stuff!


If you have a pantry door near your cooking zone, then this door spice organizer would be perfect.


I’m pretty much in love with this spice drawer. What’s better than a little chalkboard paint?


You could store your spices inside your kitchen cabinet door with magnetic paint.


Another spice drawer with risers to separate the spices.


Or you can use risers in a cabinet…along with handy labels.


Oooo, la, la! I love this option – a framed, magnetic chalkboard with spice jars. So pretty!


If you’re craving uniformity in your spice cabinet, then maybe clear, stackable, plastic containers are the perfect solution.

spice organization

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I hope you’re as inspired as I am to get my spices organized. I think I’m going to go for the spice drawer with chalkboard painted lids! Does anyone have an excess of baby food jars to donate to the cause. 🙂

How do YOU organize your spices??  Tell me what works!

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  1. I use lots of spices in my cooking… have a whole shelf of them, in fact. When we moved in, I tried using some risers in the cabinet but found I couldn’t fit them all in anymore! So I made up a cute little chart of what’s where and stuck it on the inside of the cabinet door. Now I can reach blindly and know exactly which one I’m picking up! I’ve also left the spices in their original containers, so they’ll each feel different from the others.

  2. These are great ideas. I’m tackeling one organization project a month this year, this could be very helpful for when I organize the spice drawer!

  3. I have one of those over the door pocket organizers for shoes. It hangs on the inside of my pantry door. It works for me because I have various sized spice jars & because it is clear you can see the labels.

  4. I get my baby food jars by making a “WANTED” posting on my local freecycle.org and maybe someone has been saving theirs!!! :D:D:D I just have to get to the hardware store to buy the non-sanded grout to mix in with my favorite craft paint to make my own chalkboard paint. Good luck and happy organizing! 😀

  5. Love these – they have just inspired me! I usually go for quick and functional organizing (it’s one of my mantra’s) BUT I love gorgeous things especially gorgeous storage and organizational stuff. Now, just have to find time to do this!

  6. In the past when I used spice jars that came with a spice rack it seemed like the spices didn’t last as long as they do in their original containers… I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem?

  7. I just came across this post via Pinterest. I am in desperate need of spice reorganization! I have a huge spice drawer, but it is quite full. I use my Ptouch labeler to make labels for the lids, and I TRY to keep them alphabetized so I don’t spend 5 minutes searching for the spice I need. When it gets that full, though, it’s harder and harder to keep them in order. When I come home with a new spice, I have to shift everything around to fit it in alphabetically. Gets to be a pain. I LOVE the look of the chalkboard paint lids though. And you don’t need baby food jars, necessarily. You can actually buy empty spice jars in bulk. I have these from Amazon:

  8. I use a divided coke crate. Actually I have 2. One is for the shorter spices which I am trying to convert all of mine to. The other is the taller spices on their side. I still need to label the ones on the their sides better so I won’t have to go through several before I find the one I need. I do have them in alphabetical order to help.

  9. I love posts on spice organization. The pics are inspiring. After many, many reorganizations I find that 10” Lazy Susans
    work for me. I keep as many spices in their original containers as possible for easy recognition. If the original packaging doesn’t make sense (bags and boxes) then I transfer to a conveniently shaped one and label well. I will cut the product name off of the original container and tape it to the current jar. I love spice organization!

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