Decorating With Poinsettias


I’m so excited to share the beauty of decorating with poinsettias with you today! Poinsettias are incredible special plants. They are traditional and inviting and they brighten up any home decor.

I haven’t bought poinsettias to decorate my house before because I was afraid of them.  Someone actually gave me one a year ago for a hostess gift and I was petrified that Ridley was going to eat it, so I kept the poinsettia out of his reach.  Guess what I found out this year? Poinsettias are not poisonous for humans or pets!!!

This year, our home is decorated with poinsettias thanks to the beautiful people at Ball Horticulture who arranged for me to pick up my poinsettias from a local nursery.  I’m literally over-the-moon that I got to meet the amazing Donna from Smarty Plants when I picked up the poinsettias. It was such a pleasure to chat with her about supporting small business – which, as you know, is a passion of mine.

I brought my poinsettias home and placed them around my fireplace. The gas logs aren’t hooked up right now, so this is a good place for the plants to receive adequate light.

Poinsettias are very easy to care for. According to Donna, if the leaves begin falling off, they need water, but be careful to not water too much because the roots will rot if they are in standing water. Let’s see if brown-thumb-me can keep these babies alive! Ha!

As I was decorating with these beautiful plants, I discovered that I didn’t have any special, pretty containers to put them in. {blush} So, I took the cheap and easy route and wrapped the large pots with burlap and ribbon. I really love the extra texture that the burlap adds!

Aren’t these white poinsettias stunning?!  Beautiful!

Did you know that the center of the “blooms” is actually the flower itself? What we call the flower of the poinsettia are actually the bracts – the parts surrounding the flower.  How fascinating is that!!

Poinsettias are available in reds, whites and pinks, so no matter what colors you use in your Christmas decor, a poinsettia would fit in just perfectly! 🙂

I moved my white poinsettias to my dining room serving area and I love how they bring a bit of bling to that space!

The possibilities are endless when decorating with poinsettias.  I didn’t have the heart to cut these beautiful plants apart, but the bracts can be used in wreaths, garlands, centerpieces and vases just to name a few.

Y’all, go support a local nursery and decorate with poinsettias this beautiful season! 🙂

Do you normally decorate with poinsettias?  Did you think they were poisonous?

Disclosure: This post and the poinsettias were sponsored, but I’ve truly fallen in love with the beauty of decorating with poinsettias!



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  1. I love to decorate with poinsettias! They give the house a fresh, beautiful burst of color and they are relatively inexpensive. However, way too many people try to keep the plant alive for as long as possible. Don’t do it. They just look pitiful in March.

  2. I did!, until I learned a couple of years back that they were poisonous to pets. I have to puppies at home, and I adopted the “better safe than sorry” mind and gave up on poinsettias inside the house. I have a couple of bushes (trees?) of poinsettias in the garden (deep into it, with plenty of more bushes and shrubs in front of it, and a fence, so no canine friend of mine can go in), so it really is OK if I don’t have them inside. They are actually quite common around here (Guatemala), and it’s rather pretty to see almost every house’s garden bursting in red or yellow at this time of year. :o)
    My two cents. Happy Holidays!

  3. My husband mentioned this year that he really likes poinsettias, so I grabbed a couple from Lowes on black Friday when they were just 99 cents. They do add a lot of festive color! I like the idea of wrapping burlap around them.

  4. From “This Old House” magazine:
    Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)

    Deadly parts: The milky sap found in the veins of the plant.

    Toxic toll: Despite its toxic reputation, poinsettias will never top the list of most poisonous plants, as there’s only been two documented cases of them causing human death. But you’ll want to teach kids not to touch or consume the plant, nonetheless. And as far as cats and dogs are concerned, keep poinsettia plants out of reach—unless you want to clean up after pet vomit and diarrhea. Take extra precautions if you have elderly, ill, or young pets.

  5. The poinsettias look lovely and your right they aren’t going to kill a kid if they eat a leaf but please, please don’t think they are completely safe. They can make a person sick if they eat them and they have the potential to be lethal to someone with a latex allergy. Wikipedia’s page has some info,

    Some people are so highly allergic they can’t even be in the same room as them, they don’t even need to touch them. I love them myself and always want to buy them but I have a latex allergy myself so I can’t go near them. 🙁

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