Yogurt Cup Craft Ideas

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A few weeks ago, a friend over on my Facebook page asked if I had any ideas for how to reuse yogurt cups. I did some digging around on Pinterest {my favorite new place on the web!} and found a few cute ideas to share with y’all!

Yogurt Cup Village

Hanging Yogurt Cup Lamp

Musical Yogurt Cup Shakers

Seasonal Yogurt Cup Crafts

Yogurt Cup Pin Cushion

{this could be customized for many different seasons!}

Recycled Seed Starters

Now I’m itching to do some upcycling or crafting with yogurt cups!

Have you used yogurt cups to decorate or craft? I’d love to hear all about it!


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  1. Not just crafts, but for someone a little more adventurous. I make candles, and I like to use those oval shaped yogurt containers to make the candles in. Usually you can reuse and reuse the same container, but sometimes you have to cut the container to get the candle out. It would just depend what shape you want – I love the way the oval candles turn out!

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