Vintage Amish Butterprint Pyrex

Y’all.  I have been searching high and low for some {cheap} aqua and white Amish Butterprint Pyrex for six months.  Seriously.  I’ve scoured antique shops and yard sales with no luck whatsoever.

Last Friday, I hit the jackpot. {I almost fainted right then and there, but then I decided that jumping up and down was better, but then I thought about what a dork I would look like, so I did nothing except make a beeline for a massive selection of vintage Pyrex.} Oh my word, y’all.

The colors make my heart go pitter pat.

Vintage beauties.

Adorable butter dish.

I bought all six pieces {or twelve depending on how you count ’em} for $44.00 {!!!!} and I’m excited about using them to brighten up my kitchen!

Do you collect any kind of dishes?

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  1. Oh they are pretty for sure! It’s funny because I remember my Moma had a set that was yellow and orange and I never quite understood why the lids didn’t snap on. 🙂 Now I would love to have her set…too bad my appreciation for vintage pieces wasn’t evolved back then. Oh well! Great find!
    Kristen @Hope Abound´s last blog post ..The Adventure of Making Pasta

    1. That color was only available using green stamps. It took 1 1/2 books (1800 stamps) to get a set of the mixing bowls. Very rare pattern to find. Ive only seen it once in an antique store snd price for the 4 mixing bowls was almost $500.00!

    1. Check out my Ebay items under seller Melon75. I sell 95% Pyrex bowls, refrigerator, Cornin Ware items! Have some Amish Butterprint in my inventory, let me know what you are looking for and I’ll list it!

      1. Hi Ginger what model numbers are your bowls? I’m looki g for the Cinderella style.

        Thank you,

        1. What is the Cinderella style..may I ask I found my first vintage Amish.mixing bowl yesterday 444 eeeek love this pattern I want it ALL lol

  2. Oh my jealousy-monster just kicked in!!!!! Those are in perfect condition, too! LOVE the color!
    So glad that you finally hit the Pyrex Jack-Pot!!!!!

  3. {Inside} happy dance for you (kids are sleeping- jet lag!)!!! They look lovely and in great condition! I love dishes- love them. I know the names of my friends’ patterns; it must be a sickness. Anyway, I try to be careful because we’re military and I have to unpack all that each time we move, file claims, and we have a weight limit… but I do have a “Forget Me Not” tea set with luncheon plates of the Lomonosov china from St. Petersburg. A lot of military enjoy collecting the Polish pottery; I have a few pieces of that.
    Tara G. @ Mrs. Yellow Hat´s last blog post ..Rainy Day Comfort Food

  4. I LOVE your aqua Amish pyrex dishes! Beautiful!! We lived overseas for four years and I collected a lot of Ukrainian and Polish pottery dishes – love them!

  5. I love them. I was just recently at my parent’s house last month and saw my moms set of stacking Pyrex bowls (yellow, blue, orange) and told her that I wanted them. I have just recently fallen in love with vintage Pyrex. I have never seen the aqua ones I may be on a new search myself. 🙂
    I collect the white Anchor Hocking Fire King dishes they are very hard to find, but like you I get so excited when I find them. Last summer I found a bowl at Goodwill and wanted to do a dance right in the store too.

  6. Those are beautiful! I collect vintage Pyrex also! So excited for you that you found those at such a good price!! =)

  7. Oh wow! My mom had several of these! Last I knew she still does! And I liked them but I never thought someone else would be looking for them! 😉 You just never know! Glad you found what you were looking for! They are cute. And bright. And cheerful. 😛
    Rachel´s last blog post ..Friday Once Again!

  8. I absolutely love those and the color is amazing. I bought three bowls a few weeks ago at a garage sale in the mossy green and white and I am in love with them – they remind me of my childhood. Good for you – don’t you love when you stumble across something like that?

  9. Oh, how adorable…I’m so glad you finally found them!

    My sister collects all kinds of vintage pyrex. Her fave is the pink ones. I collect Le Creuset…not cheap, but it is awesome and lasts a lifetime! Not to mention all of the pretty colors they have out 🙂
    Katie´s last blog post ..Baked Tortilla Strips

  10. I actually have these pieces too! My in-laws were cleaning out their cabinets and were going toss them!! I fell in love and scooped them up quickly! I also snagged some beautiful Fire King bowls in a fab Jade color!!

  11. NICE! I havent seen them in the casserole before. IF interested, I have the cinderella bowls (3). The Large, (missing) and the 2 smaller ones.

    Let me know, they are sitting next to the tv….doing nothing.

  12. Yay… I have been collecting the same pattern for several years now and I love it. I also have several other patterns too, and they are so fun to decorate with. Where did you find your set?

  13. Psssst!!! Have you ever been to Iit’s like ebay, but with Goodwill stuff from all over the country.

    They’ve got some of your lovely Amish print in a casserole dish—right now at 1:30pm the highest bid is $11, and the auction ends at 2:00pm. Don’t know if you’ll see this in time, but it’s an AMAZING website to find all sorts of treasure for next to nothing. Sorry if I just created a new addiction for you 😉

  14. Oh wow! What a great find. I imagine you were saying thanks to the Lord all day for that find! 🙂 I used to collect a few things, but am thinning out the collections to pieces I love and will use. The other day though, found some pastel fire king mugs in my mom’s donation pile that I nabbed, so have some fun coffee cups in cheery colors…and am always on the lookout for vintage tupperware in good condition!

  15. I know how you felt when you found those. I LOVE vintage pyrex. I found the different colored nesting bowls at a little store a Lady has beside her house …got them for 40!!! I Love them soooo much. I would like to find some like yours too. Cograts on your great find/deal.

  16. I’m SOOOOO jealous! I have a Vintage Pyrex collection that I’m in love with and it’s the best feeling when you find a good batch of it. I recently stumbled upon a lady selling quite a bit of it and it was in the best shape and I just had to have it all. It really helped my collection. I just could look at it all day. You really did great and that particular collection is one of my favorites for the great color.

  17. WOW!!! I love them:) I love all things vintage pyrex too… Just wondering if you found those over at the Roden Yard Sale? We were over there about two weeks ago and came out like a bandit!!! Love Love Love the Pyrex:)

  18. Oh boy, DO I EVER! I sure do, more than I have space for, and I absolutely LOVE this pattern! I just picked up a small refrigerator dish in this pattern for 50 cents the other day.

    I literally LOL when I read your “almost fainted” because I absolutely had that moment in a thrift shop not long ago! How wonderful is it when we’ve been looking for something particular and then we find just what we wanted (or better)!
    Akehia´s last blog post ..They That Wait

  19. LOL! I have been looking too! I found one of the tiny ones, without a lid! Score for you! I am in love with that butter dish! I am your newest follower! i would love it if you stopped by and follow back!


  20. Dear Myra,
    Congratulations! My first encounter with this print was a similar experience. I saw them at a garage sale, though they were pretty and bought a 6 piece set for $30.

    Since then I have decided to intentionally expand my collection. If only I could be so luck to get the jackpot again.

    A fellow Blue Amish Butterprint admirer.

  21. Hi! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers!

  22. Wow! These are georgeous! I have been on the lookout for Pyrex refrigerator dishes for quite a while. Lots on ebay, but with shipping a little pricey. You scored big! So happy for you. I also love white Federalist Ironstone.

  23. I have several pieces of the butter print. I have been collecting for awhile does anyone know exactly how may styles there are. I think I have them all but not sure and can’t seem to find out how many styles….

  24. I am a pyrex newbie and the amish print is my fav! Hope to own one soon. Do you know why the name is butterprint? Very curious but i am not able to find the answer! 😉 cheers!

  25. Good job! I have my grandmothers Amish butterprint- and I’m in my 50’s! Didn’t know there were other collectors….the quality shows! 🙂

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