How To Decorate A Bookcase {On The Cheap}


A few days ago, I got sick and tired of my living room bookcases {cheapies from Walmart} looking like we just moved in.  It’s been over five months. {blush}

So I did something about it.  A little dusting, straightening, organizing and tweaking and the bookcases look much better.

They aren’t finished quite finished, but slowly I’ll get there. 🙂

This is the very messy before. Ick.

And the more organized and decorated after!

How {I Like} To Decorate Bookcases:

  • Clean everything off and dust the bookcases.
  • Play with accessories and decide where to place them, so that the bookcases will be visually balanced.  Keep it simple. Too much going on is distracting.  Less is more, y’all!! 🙂
  • Add books to the bookcases.  I’m a weirdo and enjoy having my books backwards because it’s more interesting, calm and neutral to boot!

After  a bit of organization and cleaning this bookcase is looking SO much better!

Ahh, the after is calmer, right??

Keeping up with Ridley’s toys is my nemesis.  Seriously, do they have to be all over the living room floor all. the. time?

I bought two baskets from Target and if his toys don’t fit they they go to his bedroom.  I’m loving this policy. 🙂

Organizing and decorating the bookcases was a relatively simple task, but it brought so much calm to this side of the living room.

Simple beauty.

Would you consider displaying your books backwards?

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  1. My husband might actually divorce me if I suggested turning our books backwards. I was hestitant about asking if we could throw away the dust jackets from most of the hardcovers (which he did allow). I guess since most of the books are his, an opinion is allowed! PS> I like your toy policy. I do something similar at our house too!

  2. Backwards books would make me crazy. It looks nice, but I’ll take the visual clutter that comes along with the ease of finding what I’m looking for.

    Love the toy policy – – I need something like that with my kiddos!

  3. Love how they look! Plus I love having something so simple to change, but you notice everytime you walk in. 🙂

    Love the plaque you got and painted white too… I spy it!

    Pamela @

  4. LOVE this post…good reminder that it’s time to reorganize my own:) Not sure if I’d ever do the backwards book thing, but I completely agree about disliking cluttered/nonmatching spines! xoxo

  5. Love the new look but no, I would never turn the books backwards. I’ve seen it in catalogs but I confess I don’t get it.

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