Yard Sale Treasures!

Y’all, it’s been what seems like forever since I’ve been able to hit yard sales or thrift stores.  I was beginning to have major withdrawals, so we piled into the car with friends and went to a bunch of yard sales. It was so much fun!!

I snagged some fun loot! 🙂

Picture Frame & Grapevine Wreath – $1.00

I will be promptly removing the greenery and flowers. Ha!

Chalkboard/Corkboard – $0.50

Score!  I’m going to come up with a fun organizer for my kitchen with this!

Beautiful Duck Art – $1.50

Snort. Just kidding. I’ve been wanting to get embroidery hoops to do a project, and these are perfect!  Can’t beat the price!

This is a perfect example of looking beyond the ugly to see potential.


Bowling Pins – $4.00

My yard sale buddy thinks I’m off my rocker for getting these, but I LOVE ’em!

I have no idea why I love them so, but you’ll probably be these bowling pins again soon!

Vintage Blue Mason Jars – $10.00 for all three!!

Oh my word, do you have any idea how giddy I was to get these for so little?!?!

{happy dance}

Old Ladder – {my splurge of the day} – $35.00

I found the ladder at an antique mall yard sale.  Finding an old ladder has been on my yard sale wish list for ages, so when I saw it, I might have swooned just a little.

Great day, there’s no way I would ever pay $125.00, and $45 is still a little high for my taste.  Eeeps!

I offered $30 and we agreed on $35.  Drat!  I should have offered $25. Ha!

Amazing Slipper Chair – $10.00

Yes, $10.00!  So pumped about this find. I’m planning on doing a painted finish on the wood and reupholstering with…drop cloths. I bet you never saw that coming, right?

I also snagged a bag of balls for 0.75 {best money spent!} and a cute little outfit that Ridley wore to church today.

I hope y’all have a lovely Monday!  The hubs is off, so we are going to try to get moving on the window seat/banquette in the kitchen!

Have you found a yard sale or thrift store treasure lately?

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  1. Those blue jars caught my eye, too, at Southern Hospitality’s party. I’ve seen your blog before and now I’m following. Why did I wait? You’ve got a great eye. Keep up the good work and the sharing.

  2. I am very envious of those mason jars!!! =) And it sounds like you had a great time doing the shopping! Can’t wait to see what you do with everything!

  3. Gotta say yay on the old ladder! Hubby and I got two, count ’em two! old ladders for $2 each at a yard sale. Still figuring out what to do with them 🙂

    I also got a slipper chair last fall that was covered in baby print flannel fabric…Ugh! But again, seeing potential, I bought it for $8.

    I also just got 2 beautiful Made in England china plates with hand-painted flowers on them for $1.49 each at a thrift store. They’re slated as my mother’s day gift to mom. She has a pretty plate display shelf on her wall that changes with the seasons.

    I’m blessed with tons of rummage/garage sales when the weather allows (and it’s starting soon!) as well as about 8 thrift stores and several antique stores as well. Small community but great buys!

  4. You are making me want to go out right now and start thrifting!!! To bad my kids are napping! Great finds! Love the bowling pins…neat!

  5. I have 6 of the Mason Jars.. Love Them..Use Them as Canisters for the Kitchen.. Beans, Macaroni, Sweetner Packets, Etc. I have had mine for about 30 yrs. Love them!!
    Nice finds at the Yard Sales!!!

  6. I bought a chalk board this past weekend as well. Mine came from the thrift store and it isn’t as big as yours. I’ve taken off the frame and I’ve spray painted it “Heirloom White” and I’m going to give the chalk board a good coat of Chalk Board (spray) paint. I’ll be watching to see what you do with yours 🙂

  7. Ooh, love the finds! I’ve seen so much of the drop covers creativity lately and I love it! The bowling pins are great!
    How fun…..we’re still waiting for yard sales to get going here in Michigan – anytime now! 😉 I did find a pair of new Gap pants (for me!) for $3 at Goodwill though! =)
    Great job on your treasures!!

    Mara @ Super Savings

  8. Ha! We had those awful mallard prints in the upstairs bathroom when I was little. Thankfully mom put those in a yardsale yeeears ago. Funny!

  9. Yea!!! You got some great deals! I love my grandmother’s old blue mason jars, so they are free for me. I, too, have an old ladder on my list of wants. Still looking for that.

    Last week, we went to a Goodwill distribution center, where they have tables on wheels, full of everything. You rummage through, literally, to see what you can find. Then you buy by the pound. I found nice plastic flower pots (always can use more of these), a bucket with 2 unopened bags of birdseed (this was the most expensive, due to the weight), action figures (boys found these), a pair of new crocs for one of the boys. There were so many bargains. I will be going back sometime. This is true rummaging! 😉

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