Ruffled Burlap & Jute Wreath {Interchangeable Embellishments}

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I’m so excited to show you this wreath!  I made the wreath itself for $3. Yes, just three dollars.  I’ve been dreaming of making a burlap wreath for my spray painted front door, so I finally did it.   I also got the brilliant idea one day while in the shower {hello, don’t y’all get earth shattering ideas in the shower?} to make various embellishments for different holidays! Booyah!

Ruffled Burlap & Jute Wreath

You can make this wreath.  It’s so easy and I’m confident that you could make it under $10 at the very most.  SO frugal!

I used a wreath that I found at the ReStore for $1 {it had a $1.99 Big Lots tag on it}, 2 rolls of Jute from Dollar General, a scrap of burlap that I had on hand, upholstery thread {because it’s much stronger than standard thread} and hot glue.

I hot glued the end of jute down and started wrapping. It took a very long time to wrap the wreath. Wrap while watching a movie or some Netflix! The most frugal things aren’t always the fastest. But it was worth it…at least I think so! 🙂

I almost left it just wrapped in jute, but I decided it needed a ruffle. I love me some ruffles!

I had a strip of burlap from a previous project. It was 2 1/2 yards long and I cut it about 5″ wide.  Then I used upholstery thread and gathered up the fabric. To keep the upholstery thread from pulling through the open burlap, I used a bit of hot glue to keep it secured to the burlap.

I gathered the ruffle evenly and to a length that would fit the wreath’s circumference. Then I hot glued it on the back of the wreath.

I’m so happy with out my $3 wreath turned out, but it still needed some embellishments. I dug out scraps of ribbon, burlap and fabric and made these “flowers.”

In order to make the embellishments interchangeable, I hot glued velcro circles on the back of them as well as on the wreath.

I made a little St. Patrick’s Day clover hickey-do for the center of the wreath with my Silhouette machine.  Love that thing!  Do you see the velcro?

I kinda goofed when I realized that I hadn’t planned a good way to hang the wreath, but a little bit of floral wire did the trick. I wired it through the jute on the back.  It’s working really well…thankfully.

I added my scrappy, homemade embellishments and I’m in love.

Totally in love with my pretty burlap, jute wreath. The next set of embellishments will be for Spring!! Bring. it. on.

I have been self diagnosed with a burlap obsession.  Thank you for humoring me and putting up with it!

Have a mah-velous day y’all!

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  1. That’s so pretty! I’m really in to burlap and wreaths right now. I’m putting this on my to do list!

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Adorable! If you happen to be in the neighborhood next week, you’ll see one of these beauties on my door. Thanks for the grrrrreat idea!

  3. Adorable! I made a yarn wreath with interchangeable emblishments the beginning of the year and I love the versatility of it! I pinned my flowers etc on, but may change to velcro!

  4. Adorable!! Love the St. Patrick’s Day “Hickey-Do” although I have always heard it called a “Do-Hickey”….LOL! Also love all of the flower embellishments! This wreath is just too cute!! Great job!

  5. Love this! Especially the interchangeable decorations! Does anyone ever do a winter wreath? After Christmas 2 years ago, I took a simple green wreath and added lots of white leaves, etc. and branches. Then I put a bright red cardinal on it. Looks so pretty during the transition to spring!

  6. I love this! I’ve seen them made with leftover sweater sleeves but this is much cuter and much more my style. I love how the burlap is so neutral that you truly can change it up to go with anything. Brilliant – thanks Myra! <3

  7. Wow! What a great idea! I love that you can change out the embellishments! I’m definitely going to give this one a try. 🙂

  8. myra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is fabulous! you smart girl.

    i love those light bulb moments. mine usually come late at night, when the house if finally quiet. 😉 love the green up against the burlap. so fun!

    thanks for linking up to the SPRING FLING!

    have a super day.

  9. Cute!!!!! I need one for my front door. But since I’m lazy, I’m sure I’ll never make one. But then, you never know!

  10. This is so stink adorable. Thank you so much for sharing. I need to use this idea for my front door so I can easily switch it out for each season or holiday. You are so creative. I am so glad that I found your blog through the tatertots and jello link party.

  11. Love it! And you’re not alone with the burlap obsession (or the shower ideas – shhh) I love anything interchangeable. It’s like having ‘more bang for the buck’ or something. Don’t know, but love this!

    Droppin’ by from FB CrafterMinds!

    1. Sure!! I’ll try to do one in the next couple of weeks!! 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! Since we moved to a smaller house, I’m looking for ways to minimize seasonal decor storage. 🙂

  12. Myra ~ your burlap projects are always so gorgeous! I LOVE this wreath… and especially love how it’s interchangeable! Hope your day is extra mah-velous, too! 😉

  13. Myra, I just love your blog and this post is so cute and creative. I have been looking at burlap wreaths for the last week and planned to start working on my own this weekend. You are always so inspiring. How did you make all your flowers? You should do a tutorial on those. 🙂

    1. You wish is my command. 🙂 I’m planning an embellishment tutorial for next week! 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment!

  14. Love this! I just found you and I’m so happy I did. Your room makeover is gorgeous and I saw the wreath hanging on your door! I too would like to know how to make the fabric flower embellishments so I’ll keep watching for that tutorial. I’m going back to read more of your posts…

  15. Hi Myra,

    What a beautiful fresh wreath! I have that same wooden(?) one and love this idea for sprucing it up. I like how you can see the shape of it under the jute.

    And the burlap is a perfect accent, no need to apologize for your obsession, it looks nice!

  16. Thank you so much for posting. My son is getting married at our barn next October and I could make this and use their colors and sit a note inside such as their names and wedding date. Anyone with ideas to help me transform a very large red barn into a lovely wedding site please email at I’m on pinterest too. The bride-to-be ideas are mason jars, burlap, wildflowers, and the barn! 🙂

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