Nashville Thrifting

I had so much fun a couple of weeks ago to go antiquing-thrifting with some pretty amazing people. We were in Nashville, TN for the Blissdom Conference, so we took an afternoon and hit up a few antique and thrift shops! It was so much fun! Thankfully everyone was kind and giving….there were no fights for treasures! Ha!

Loved this place!!

Traci and Rhoda being crazy! 😉

Kate fell in love with this lamp . . . NOT! Ha!

The window display was decorated for Valentine’s Day!

Again, Kate found a must-have piece for her home. Ahem.

Sarah and Traci enjoying their old fashioned carbonation. 🙂

Shaunna is just the most precious person. I loved getting to know her!

{LOVE these!}

Beth is stylin’ with this hat.

{vintage Pyrex…swoon}

This didn’t come home with me, but I’m stalking some on ebay! 🙂

Layla exudes sunshine.  She’s amazing!

These two oriental garden stools came home with me.  I know they are quite hideous currently, but for the price $7.50 each I couldn’t pass them up!  Stay tuned for that makeover. 🙂  I also got an aqua insulator and a fabulous lampshade that I plan on making into a light fixture.  Fun times!

It was such an honor to get to hang out with these fabulous women.  Maybe some of their awesomeness rubbed off on me! 🙂

Have you found any treasures lately?


    1. Aren’t you just the cutest thing in that hat? I refrained from putting up another picture that wasn’t the best. :p

  1. I’m interested to hear what the stores were called because I live 45 min from Nashville and DYING to get some treasures down there!!! Looks like it was a blast!

    1. Hey AnneMarie! We went to the Goodlettsville Antique Mall, and then another antique store just down the street from there and then a Teen Challenge thrift store right across the street. It was fabulous!! 🙂 If you go, I’d love to see your treasures!

    1. Aww, Traci, I know! I wish we could do it again!!! Whenever you want to drive south, just let me know and I’ll drive north. 🙂 xo

  2. I am STILL mad I couldn’t take those stools home! You definitely got the best deals down there. I loved meeting you and spending time together!

    1. Ha! 🙂 I loved meeting you too and I’m so glad we got to hang out! I’m so thankful that your mom is doing better. She’s been on my mind so much. xo

    1. You are SOOOOO not an old lady! You are quite youthful and no matter what people might say, I think your hairstyle is quite cute too! 🙂 We’re coming through B’ham on Saturday, so I may call you so I can stop by for a few. xoxo

  3. i grew up in goodlettsville! i used to love browsing around the antique stores (before i had my own home to decorate, sadly). i’m glad you had fun at my old stomping ground!

    1. Yes, I paid $15 for both stools and a huge lampshade that I’m going to turn into a hanging light fixture. Seriously a huge deal! 🙂

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