Ridley’s 2nd Birthday!

How in the world is it possible that Ridley is TWO?!  Time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂

His birthday is on the 13th, but because of my husband’s work schedule we had the party on Saturday the 15th.  Since we just moved, it was nice to have a couple of extra days to get things unpacked and straightened up.

I decided to decorate with blue and green with a sort-of-themed-theme of animals.  I’m much too free spirited to stick with a theme, but I try to have some broad guidelines that keep me on track. Ha!

Yummy food that 2 year olds like!

Isn’t this the coolest picture?  I love how the candles are in focus.

He loved the cupcake!

Our friends and family mean so much…and they really spoiled Ridley!

My little man opening one of his many gifts.

Ridley’s toy supply is well stocked and will provide many happy hours of play.

I have a few birthday party related posts coming in the next week or so. I’m excited to share about finding contentment and resourcefulness while dealing with imperfection and home upheaval!

Do you do “themed” birthday parties?  Sort-of themed parties?  Or no theme at all?

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  1. I LOVE themed parties. My daughter is almost 15 but her younger year parties were lots of fun – a Spa party and even Red Carpet Movie Night. My son had a John Deere party when he was 1 and Diego for number 5.
    Happy Birthday to Ridley!

  2. my daughter’s second birthday is March 5th and we are doing a sorta theme lol! Amelia loves Nemo!

  3. My girl’s 2nd birthday party is on Friday (her birthday is the 14th). I started with an animal theme, which turned into a monkey theme, since she LOVES Curious George. I want to make monkey cupcakes, but time is getting short, so we’ll see how it goes.

  4. We always theme our parties as it helps to keep me organized. Our 1 year old son had a rubber ducky party, our 8 year old son had a ‘birthday party’ themed birthday (retro games), and our almost 3 year old daughter is having a tea party for her little girlfriends in a weeks time. It seems that every girl party we have always turns into some sort of princess theme 🙂

  5. My daughter was 5 and the theme was “Inside-out and Backwards” ! We invited all the girls in the kindergarten class. The invite was backwards (use a mirror), say goodbye when you arrive, Pin the tail on the donkey’s nose, ate under the dining room table, and we gave the guests a gift, etc. You get the idea. They talked about it for weeks afterward as the best party! This was 25 years ago.

  6. Do I like themed parties? Oh baby! Yes, yes I do. In fact, I just did a Rapunzel’s Golden Hair party for my daughter’s 5th birthday this month. It was her Golden Birthday (5 on the 5th!) and it was based on Disney’s Tangled movie. SO FUN.

    Anywhoo. I could go on and on. LOVED Ridley’s party! He’s a cutie!
    oh amanda´s last blog post ..Blissdom Tips- Top Ten Tuesday

  7. We always do theme parties. My daughter’s first birthday was Minnie Mouse! She loved it! Happy birthday to your little man. He’s gorgeous!

  8. My little guy is turning 1 on February 13th, so I’ve been blissfully planning his birthday party, and we’re going with a bunny “theme.” (I call him “Bunny,” so it seemed natural.) I’m so excited for it, and I can’t wait to see more of your party-related posts!
    Kristy´s last blog post ..11 months

  9. My son is turning 16 I was wondering if you have any inexpensive party and gift ideas. I’m on a very low income. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  10. What a beautiful post

    Happy Birthday to the big two-year-old!

    I’ve never written a letter to my children but I do post things to them on my blog. I’m afraid a letter would turn into a novel!

    Thanks for sharing

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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