Put Your House In Order Series

I’m so excited to be partnering with four other fabulous bloggers to bring you the “Put Your House In Order” series over the next few months!  I’m blessed to call these women my friends.  I’ve met them all in-real-life and they are just amazing!

It’s easy to let our homes slide during all the holiday hustle and bustle, so now is the perfect time to get our homes in order.

Besides being completely addicted to frugally decorating my home, dreaming, crafting and creating, I thrive on organizing and efficiency.  It drives me “bananas” when I have to look at piles of paper clutter and other junk.

All too often, when I’m short on time, I just shove the pile in the nearest drawer or closet.  Then I forget about it until the next time I need to hide a pile. Please tell me that I’m not the only one to have ever done this. Did I just admit that? {blush}


source: woman's day

I’ve committed to keeping my home more organized this year. Since we just moved, I’m using this as a new beginning for simplifying and de-cluttering those icky hidden places {closets, dressers, junk drawers etc} that collect unnecessary and unorganized “stuff.”

When my house is neat from the inside out, my heart is much more peaceful and happy.

I crave that.

Don’t we all?

During this series, I’ll be sharing tips on organizing, frugal decorating and more. Maybe I’ll throw in a craft project or two. 🙂

What is the most difficult area in your home to keep organized?

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  1. The hardest place to keep organized for me is the kitchen…..I have a very large kitchen with a workspace on the opposite side of the stove area and lots of cabinet space….just dont know where everything should go. any ideas ?

  2. OH MY do I have to pick one spot???? MY WHOLE HOUSE is my organization project. I look forward to your ideas.

  3. Ha ha, yep, I put my piles in my desk drawer. And I did start to go through them once or twice, but then got interuppted, had company coming over, and had to add more to the pile!!

    But, my messiest area is probably my kitchen counters. When we moved to our current home, I was very pregnant and didn’t end up with the 6 weeks off of work before baby girl arrived, as I had planned. The kitchen storage space in the new house is smaller than in the old one. I have not taken the time to find a proper place to put everything and so some things are always sitting out on the counters. I’ve worked on it here and there, but never actually finish the job. Which just makes for a bigger mess when you stop part way through!

    BTW, new to your blog – I love this series!

    1. Yes, I launched The Casabella Project January 1st! Did you miss it? 🙂 I’m definitely still blogging at My Blessed Life too. 🙂

    1. Totally with you! Since we had Ridley’s party on Saturday, today I just want to sit and do nothing. #needabreak #butmyhouseneedsme 🙂

  4. I gosh, where do I start? Under the bed, in the one of our many junk drawers, in a box shoved into the back of my closet?
    I despise clutter yet it follows me wherever I go!

  5. My piles are neat, that counts…right? Right???? Sigh… My hardest place is the dining room (where we homeschool). Second would probably be my kitchen.

  6. At the moment my family of 5 lives in 2bdrms &a bathroom, my bedroom is super cluttered with everything family, from homeschool papers to kitchen utencils. We’re in the process of finding a house, & I’d like to organize it before we move so that I can make sure we take what we want and “declutter” the rest. I am really looking forward to reading this series, because knowing what to do with the house once we get there will be a huge +. . Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  7. My hardest area to keep neat is a bench I have in our dinning room which also serves as our learning area. We have scrap paper box, tub of markers and crayons..puzzles stacked.. doodle pads.. Pretty much alot of our school stuff just thrown there so its not on our dinning table! Working on decluttering that spot!! 🙂

  8. We live in a small space (less than 800 square feet) so my biggest organizing challenge is anything that isn’t staying in the home “permanently” — store returns, gifts for others, materials for small projects that are awaiting attention etc. But, like you, I spend this month “re-organizing” the house because it’s amazing how untidy things can get over the course of a year as our interests change — it’s out with the old and in with the new for me!

  9. I totally agree with having a clean house makes me feel peaceful inside. The hardest place to keep clean is the dining room where I dump all my “important” papers!

  10. PILES!! That’s definitely the issue 🙂 And they’re pretty much everywhere, but mostly the desk and the kitchen counter. I have a large island and half of it is always full of junk.

    There’s homework papers, drawings that the kids make and will require to see that you haven’t thrown away sometime in the near future, magazines, letters from school, lists of things I need to clean.. HA!

    I think that an organized dump station would work, but is there one big enough?

  11. I just started a new blog and my first project that I am writing about has to do with cutting back on clutter.
    Check it out, http://thehigdonhouse.blogspot.com/
    Like I said, I am new to this blogging scene so I only have 2 posts. I will be regularly posting my adventures of decluttering spaces in my house and sharing tips on how everybody can do this even if you can only commit 15 minutes a day.

  12. For me, it would have to be our bedroom. It’s not just a bedroom, but the office, complete with bookshelves, fax machine, copier, computer desk, file cabinets, dressers, trunk and bed. Too much in a not so-big room. The rest of the house is tiny, so I can’t put it anywhere else. Looking forward to learning more from you 🙂

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