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When I started wearing makeup as an early teenager, I got my makeup from Walmart. {gasp!} I was a loyal Maybelline girl for years, until the fateful day that I got into couponing.  Ha!

Now, I purchase various brands from drug stores because I can buy them for next to nothing when combining coupons with sale items.  I have also used Mary Kay and Clinique products as well, but not regularly…only because my budget doesn’t like the price tag.  🙂

One thing that has shocked me over the years is how pricey makeup remover – specifically eye makeup remover – is. From what I’ve seen, eye makeup remover ranges from $6.00 to $30.00! Yikes!

So, I came up with a plan…and it’s worked marvelously for my face and for my budget.


My secret is out – lotion samples from hotels!

Yes, I use hotel lotion for my eye makeup remover.  {Ahem, el-cheapo} At night before I wash my face, I dab a little lotion around my eyes.  Then I use a cotton makeup pad or a Q-tip to remove my eye liner, eye shadow and mascara.  It works like a charm!

Normally, hotel lotions are unscented and very mild, so I’ve had no sensitivity issues.  I always give the lotion a sniff test to make sure that it doesn’t have a strong fragrance that might irritate my skin.

Next time you travel, snag those hotel lotion samples for frugal makeup remover!  It doesn’t get much better than free! 😉

Have you ever tried using lotion as makeup remover?

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  1. Great idea.

    I have always used baby oil to remove eye makeup. Probably a bad idea considering I already have oily skin but it’s what my momma has always used.
    Sidnie´s last blog post’s a blur…

  2. I have an extremely simple (and cheap) beauty routine – and since I’ve begun this regimen my skin has never looked better. :0) I have grapeseed oil in a hand lotion dispenser on my sink. I use it to take off my eye make-up, wash my face with natural soap, then use the grapeseeld oil again as my moisturizer. I use it on everything from my face to my legs, elbows and feet. It’s cheap and very good for your skin. Olive oil also works the same way and I use it more in the winter months when my skin is drier.
    Pam´s last blog post ..I Know I Said I Wouldnt Be Around Much- BUT

  3. Thank you for the lotion idea! I have a whole box full from my husband’s travels! Sadly, I have neglected my skin for so many years. Now, at the age of 50, I am trying to do better. This idea will help me so much!

  4. I use lotion the next morning to remove any eye make-up that I was too lazy to remove the night before!! But it never occurred to me to use the hotel lotion they give you, genius! Thanks!
    Kate´s last blog post ..Lead Me

  5. I’m a little late to the conversation, but I had to comment. I also wear waterproof mascara. I actually use baby oil with baby shampoo in a bottle together. Or you can put a drop or two onto a damp cotton ball and wipe away. It is better than the petroleum of vasoline. I also use olive oil, but find that if I don’t get it off my lashes well enough my mascara won’t stick and rubs off during the day.

    I loved the grapeseed moisturizer idea! I use olive oil for that too and love the way my skin has held up these 51 years!


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