From The Farm – I Milked A Goat!

This week while my parents are out of town, I’m helping my eleven year old brother with the barn chores. This evening I milked a goat for the first time in several years. I got my goat milking skills from my sweet Granddaddy and my super proficient goat-milker Mom. 🙂

Tonight, we tended to the goats, turkeys, chickens, quail, dogs (did I mention that there are currently 16 dogs on the farm?) and cats.


Corn.  Isn’t it beautiful?


Eggs.  Real.  Farm Fresh.


Goat’s Milk.  Hand squeezed by moi.  Fed to the Kitties.


Sweet little kitten.  Yes, I realize she has eye boogers and dirty ears.  She’s a barn kitty.


Ghost. Great Pyrenees. Protector.


I love the perspective of this one. These barrels house animal feed and various other equipment.

Edited to add because of popular demand: A scary video of me milking a goat. Ha!

Have you ever milked a goat? Do you live on a farm?

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  1. Awwwww, kitty! I love kitties!

    I’ve never lived on a farm and am pretty clueless about all of it, but would LOVE to. We are seriously considering getting a couple goats for milk for our family. We were thinking about cows, but were advised that goats were easier LOL
    .-= Alexia´s last blog ..Indivisible =-.

  2. These are exceptionally great, like frameable great. The kitty’s eyes really pop out. Great job. Stop by and link up.

    Alicia @ a beautiful mess

  3. I’m a farmer’s daugher. I moved away but am now back on the original homestead of the farm. (Not farming it — just living on it). It’s such a blessing! No goats though. My dad has had sheep, cattle, hogs and chickens, but never goats, so no milking experience for me. I have a completely new picture of you! 🙂
    .-= GlowinGirl´s last blog ..Let It Shine (WORD-filled Wednesday) =-.

  4. Can’t say I’ve ever milked anything… (unless having to hand-express milk during the early days of breastfeeding counts? ;))

    Great shots! I don’t think I’d actually love farm-living but your pictures make me *think* that I would… that’s how good they are!
    .-= JessieLeigh´s last blog ..Noodles with Marsala Cream Sauce =-.

  5. I grew up in a farm family. I’ve milked cows, never milked goats. My job was to tend the chickens and gather eggs. I still really dislike chickens!!! I do miss the freshness of the farm (even though its sometimes a little too fresh!) My kids love to go back to my parents. They would live there if they could.

  6. Hahaha! I love JessieLeigh’s comment. I was just reading through wondering if I should say something about breastfeeding. I had decided against it, but she beat me to it. 🙂
    No, no milking for me (insert breastfeeding joke here). I am a suburban girl. I dream of being a farm girl, but I just don’t know if I have it in me.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Sleeping Habits =-.

  7. I’m a country girl at heart, also! I grew up with all sorts of animals and have milked several! Currently living the city girl life of a military wife and very much miss my roots.

    I’ll be visiting my family for several weeks soon and am so looking forward to being back in the country!

    Great video!
    .-= Laura @Homemaking Joyfully´s last blog ..Up, down and inside out =-.

  8. Hey Myra!

    Love the Great Pyrenees! I used to have a white one just like that. Such wonderful dogs! I have also lived the country life. Used to milk the goats before and after school. 🙂 I miss being on a farm. My dream is to someday own my own ranch. I am married to a “city boy”, but he is coming around to my way of thinking. 😉

    Love your video … you are beautiful!
    .-= Tori Close´s last blog ..Mother’s Day Fun =-.

  9. I have to do all the same chores (milking, egg collecting, and feeding everyone) at my parents occasionally. (I will admit, I do enjoy it though. I’m such a country girl at heart.)

    Love your photos! That pup is adorable!
    .-= Staci A´s last blog ..Finally…The F-Word =-.

  10. Beautiful pictures! I milked a cow once… and as mentioned above, I get milked on a daily basis 😆 I’ve always wanted to live on a farm. Seems like a lot of work but I think it would be worth it to have some peace and quiet away from the “big city”.
    .-= Tiffany G´s last blog ..What’s That Noise? =-.

  11. Honey, you ain’t nothing if you ain’t one ridiculously large collection of talent all wrapped up into my beautiful wife. 🙂

  12. We enjoy my in-laws 140 acre farm and their animals but they don’t have goats. However, we own a Great Pyrenese also named Ranger and he is not only a great protector for our family but a big loveable ball of fur, too! He looks a lot like your Great Pyr.

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