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I can’t believe how many “fails” I’ve experienced this week. Okay, maybe in the last TWO days. After a frosting disaster, a paperwork overload, buying shampoo instead of conditioner and cleaning out the refrigerator for the first time in months…yeah, it’s been a pretty insane week.  I won’t bother mentioning that I gathered TWO bags of garbage from the refrigerator.  Ahem.

  • Frosting Disaster: I borrowed my sister’s cake decorating tools to frost cupcakes for Ridley’s birthday party.  The first fail was actually a discovery that no matter how much red food coloring you put into frosting it will not turn red and blue does not turn really blue, it’s more like pastel blue. Ick.  Trust me.  I used practically the entire bottles of food coloring and the cupcakes were pink and light blue instead of red and dark blue.Photobucket
  • The second fail occurred because I forgot that I was out of heavy duty ziploc baggies.  I resorted to using the cheapies that I did have.   I attached the tip, loaded the bag with icing and began frosting the cupcakes.  Needless to say, the baggie sprung a leak, (or several) which I tried to fix with scotch tape. Ha!  The disaster only got worse!  I finally gave up on the pink and tried a new bag of blue, and the same thing happened.  I would have taken a picture, but my hands were covered in the grossest, stickest mess ever!
  • Paperwork Overload: Since it’s January and we always try to get our taxes done early, I decided that I should go through all our paperwork.   Not a bad thought, right?  Well, I failed to remember that I hadn’t kept everything filed all year long, so I had one massive box of stuff to go through.  It was bad…really, bad.  Finally after 2 days, one huge bag of garbage and many file folders later, all the paperwork, receipts and tax stuff is well organized. I’m promising myself that I will keep up with it this year to avoid another fail!

What about you?  Have any fails that you’d like to share?  Link up and let’s enjoy keeping it real!  You can find out more about Friday Fails clicking the tab above the header!


  1. I never manage to keep things filed all year long either! I am good for awhile, then there is a pile on my desk/the kitchen counter/anywhere so I file those (after maybe a month) and then the cycle starts over! If I would just remember to do it regularily it wouldn’t be such a chore later on!!!

    I like Friday Fails. Thanks for starting it! I don’t have one this week (that I can think of, that might change) but I hope to next Friday!

    1. @Shelley, Shelley! I would love for you to join in! I think we all fight the paperwork monster…you’re so right, it’s a daily/weekly thing to keep up with.

  2. The trick is not to use food coloring at all. You have to use icing coloring to get a true color and it doesn’t take much at all. I made black for a batman cake and it was a true black not grayish black and I have seen a royal purple and red and pretty much any color you can imagine. My aunt does cakes. Wilton icing colors. This will save you a headache!

  3. Love the fail Friday idea, fun! I’ll do one and link it.

    My dad has always used a big 3-ring binder to organize paperwork for the year. It works really well actually. I’ve been doing it myself for a few years. Then you have a shelf with binders of 2008, 2009, etc. I keep tax stuff in manila envelopes though with the year on it because that’s what my mom does! Just think our kids might end up doing these things the same way as us some day.

    I know nothing about the frosting, but I think yours looks good!

  4. I fell ya on the filing fail. Our filing cabinet is in my daughter’s room and filing while she’s awake doesn’t work (papers everywhere!) and obviously I can’t file while she’s asleep. So it never gets done. I finally caught up last week after about 6 months of not doing it- but that’s only because it’s tax time AND we’re about to move so the files where about to get boxed up! lol

  5. You need to use paste food coloring to make brilliant colors. You can ususally find these at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Be aware that it just takes a small amount to make a color so go easy the first time and then add more.

  6. wiltons’ for the food coloring, best friend does cakes.
    Firday failures:
    I haven’t filed in a yr. Down to two more boxes and just can’t seem to get thru it.haven’t finished looming the last 250 squares for the 5 kids afghans that need to be put together to finish LAST Christmas. Haven’t cleaned out frig that broke down on Wed.Not much in there that didn’t need pitched anyways but geeze.
    can’t seem to get over what ever this crap is I have but I have zip for energy and I can hear myself wheeze even though everyone else says I am not.
    thank you thank you thank you LOL
    .-= Chef Juls´s last blog for me Wed =-.

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