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I’m so excited to be participating in Kelly’sKorner’s Show Us Where You Live Fridays Carnival! Today we’re going to be touring Bathrooms! Exciting, huh?! Well, I’m going to show you the bathrooms that we have had in each of our homes since we have been married. Let’s just say, they have gotten bigger and better with time! Ha!

Bathrooms are pretty boring places and I majorly need to decorate my current Master Bath. I’m hoping to start filling in the empty places soon!

Welcome, to my bathroom tour! Hope you enjoy your visit!

First bathroom
Don’t you just LOVE the pink countertop?? Yep, I did too! Oh, and the walls were super easy to keep clean and dust-free…not!

First House Shower
It was really, really small!!!

Second House Bathroom…in progress at the time of this photo.

It was a little larger than the first house bathroom(at least it had a full tub)! The ceramic tile was really neat. Isn’t the window that’s halfway in the room and in the tub area kinda weird? Yeah, I thought so too! Old houses have SO many funny, but fun quirks!

Third House Guest Bathroom (aka Prince Charming’s Bathroom)

We like to use separate bathrooms so we’re out of each other’s way while we get ready. It also cuts down on steaming each other out with shower steam! Ha!

The iron mirror was already with the house when we bought it and I really love it.

Master Bathroom Whirpool Tub
This thing is amazing! I love to take a relaxing bubble bath before bed! You can see Little Man’s little towel in the right corner. He takes his baths in this tub or in his baby bathtub.

Shower Area

The glass is super hard to keep clean!

The shower has a wonderful rain shower head! Ahhhh…..

Vanity Area

I love that the countertops are higher than normal. It makes giving Little Man a bath in his little tub SO easy! Tall countertops are quite comfortable except if you’re largely pregnant…I had to put on my high heels to get my belly up over the countertop to get close to the mirror. Prince Charming used to laugh at me!
Thanks for visiting my bathrooms! Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. Your wine colored curtain is so rich! Love that iron mirror, too! Our bathrooms overseas were completely tile- floor, walls, everything. I did hire a housekeeper though, so that helped. Anyway, I feel your pain!

  2. I love your bathrooms! I love the deep red colors!! You have done a great job and they are both beautiful!

  3. I also love the tile in your shower! 🙂 I am new to your blog..and will be returning. I'm a new follower.

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. I love the progression of all your bathrooms!! Maybe someday I'll have an awesome shower like you do! 🙂

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