Sunday Meditations

Today, I’m counting my blessings because it would be easy for me to be down in the dumps. I feel majorly yucky with a head cold, scratchy throat, runny nose and headache. Ridley seems like he has a little congestion, but nothing like what I have…I hope it stays that way! I missed church this morning, but the Lord blessed my heart here at home.

  • I watched a live webcasted sermon on the return of Christ. I was reminded of the anticipation that we should have as we wait for His coming…like the excitement we have when seeing a dignitary with our own eyes…multiplied…times…infinity.
  • I am amazed at my husband’s agape love for me. He let both Ridley and me sleep and I didn’t even hear him leave for church. When I woke up and saw that it was time for church to start, I almost panicked thinking that maybe he fell asleep on the sofa…but I saw that he was gone. So I went to the kitchen and stood there with tears in my eyes as I realized that he had done the dishes for me. Amazing man!
  • I am thankful for life and health. Being sick is a good reminder of this! During the (thankfully) rare times that I’m sick like this, this poem has been such an encouragement to look at illness in a positive way of drawing closer to God.

I Needed the Quiet
I needed the quiet so he drew me aside
Into the shadows where we could confide,
Away from the bustle where all the day long
I hurried and worried when active and strong.
I needed the quiet tho at first I rebelled,
But gently, so gently my cross he upheld,
And whispered so sweetly of spiritual things,
Tho weakened in body, my spirit took wings
To heights never heard of when active and gay,
He loved me so greatly he drew me away.
I needed the quiet, no prison my bed,
But a beautiful valley of blessings instead –
A place to grow richer in Jesus to hide
I needed the quiet so he drew me aside.
– Alice H. Mortenson

I hope that your thoughts are drawn to think upon our incredible Christ today.


  1. That poem is such a blessing! Thanks for sharing it. I think it’s so true that the Lord gives us sickness and weakness to draw us back to Him. Especially to remind us to rely on His strength instead of our own.

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