Loving Fall!!!

This is definitely my favorite time of year. The colors this year are so much more vibrant than I’ve noticed before….simply gorgeous! The beauty of autumn is something that I’m so thankful for.

There are things that would try to draw away my thankful spirit…like not having my car back after 2 weeks of it being at the mechanics, being so forgetful (I’m blaming that on pregnancy), and being so completely reliant on other people for getting from point A to point B. All of this is hard for me…a Mrs. Independent!

I’m amazed at how creation’s seasons and our life seasons are so similar. Everything is cyclical and if I’m in a valley now…there must be a mountain somewhere nearby. And just as everything is “dying” (so beautifully) right now…the spring is coming. If we never went through seasons physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually we would probably be really boring people!

All that to say, that I’m thankful for fall and the gorgeous colors God has sent our way this year!

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