DIY Burlap and Lace Wreath

Hey, hey!! I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend! We’ve been loving our baby moon! I’m super excited to share my DIY Burlap and Lace Wreath with you today. I’ve been crushing on burlap and lace combinations lately, so I created my own funky – and perhaps unexpected – version.

I LOVE this wreath!  To keep it from looking too much like it came from Granny’s attic, I added yellow and black fabric embellishments which give the wreath extra texture and pops of color.  It was incredibly easy to make…the most time consuming part was making all the rolled flowers.

DIY Burlap & Lace Wreath Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

  • 18″ Straw wreath
  • 1/2 yard burlap
  • 3 yards gathered lace {customize this to exactly what you want}
  • Scissors, thread, needle
  • Glue gun, glue sticks
  • Fabric scraps

Cut strips of burlap approximately 3 inches wide…enough to wrap the entire wreath.  Then secure one end with hot glue and wrap and glue until the wreath is covered.

It will look like this.

Then repeat the gluing and wrapping process with your lace. I covered a little less than half of the wreath with lace. Oh, and don’t be hating on my lace. It’s feeling a bit put out after being told that it looked like cupcake liners, an old dress sleeve and badminton birdies. HA! I think the pleats are quite elegant myself.

Next, create a bunch of rolled fabric flowers. I gathered up some fabric strips under a few of the rolled fabric flowers to mix things up a bit.

Hot glue the embellishments in place after you play around with them to see what combination looks best. Don’t skip the playing around part! :)

So pretty!

Closeup of some of the flowers.

burlap and lace wreath

Once everything is hot glued in place, stand back and admire your unique, fun and funky wreath!

Have you DIY’ed anything lately? I hope y’all have a happy Monday!

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  1. Kathy Mader says

    Since I’m not crafty and have no illusions that I could make a wreath I would actually hang, I just enjoy reading about it, especially the part about not hating on the lace…cracked me up. Who was so complimentary, your husband? Hysterical, loved it.

  2. Amy says

    Beautiful! I love the colors and the funkiness of it! When you say you gathered the fabric behind the rolled flowers did you do a gathering stitch or just glue and gather and you went? I did that with burlap recently on a my current wreath and I loved the look it gave the rolled flowers! Thanks for the idea!



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