The Haven Conference {2012}

Some of you might be wondering how The Haven Conference went this past weekend. If you’ve been reading any home decor blogs this week, it’s very likely that you’ve read rave reviews. The conference was incredible! Even at 36 weeks pregnant, I enjoyed it to the max!

My Mom went with me “just in case” something happened…like my water breaking or going into labor. Haha! Thankfully, everything was fine and Mom enjoyed herself too. I was afraid that my crazy blogger friends might scare her off. Haha! It was a fun retreat and good relationship building time with Mom.

The fabulous John and Sherry from Young House Love were the keynote speakers. They were just as real and genuine in person as on their blog. I immediately relaxed as they told their story. It was fun meeting them, although they didn’t know me from Adam. Clara is a cutie! As is Burger.

On Thursday and Friday, I got to speak on using social media to increase readership and revenue. It was SUCH an honor to be on a panel with Beth, Traci, Rhoda and Sarah. They are wonderful!!

Chanting “I like big blogs, and I can not lie.” HAHA!


The sponsors were phenomenal. I enjoyed talking with many of them. And the swag they sent home and gave away was absolutely amazing!  Talk about generosity!!


I didn’t use my camera at all during the conference. Fail! So I’ve snagged several from different bloggers. I can’t help but show you this silly one of me and Susan from Living Rich On Less comparing our baby bellies. I was 36 weeks here and Susan’s due in November. I don’t even SEE her baby bump, do you? :)


My favorite part about the conference was the definite emphasis on DIY. This is the first conference of it’s kind and out of the other five other conferences I’ve attended, I felt most at home with this group of people. I met so, SO many bloggers that I’ve “known” for years online.  At the risk of sounding totally corny…”these are my people.”


I {heart} these girls! And I feel totally blessed that they are my friends!

All in all, the Haven conference was amazing and I can hardly wait for next year! My Mom has already said she will be happy to be my babysitter! :)

Have you ever attended a blog conference?

I’m sharing this post over at Rhoda’s.



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