Thoughts On God’s Faithfulness

I just had to share a few thoughts with y’all today about God’s faithfulness. The message at church this past Wednesday evening encouraged me so very much. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

I love this verse from Psalm 89.

I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.

Obviously, life isn’t a cake walk where we’re always ready to jump up and down praising God for His faithfulness. Things happen that we don’t understand. We grieve. We laugh. We are happy. We are sad. We receive good news. We receive bad news.

But. Still. He is faithful. In the blessings and in the trials. 

One thing that was said {by my pastor who is also my dad} has helped me understand God’s faithfulness in a fuller way.

There will be a better sequel to your story than what you’ve experienced in the darkness.

Go ahead. Read it again…or ten more times.

These words are on “repeat” in my brain.

All I can say is, “yes, yes, yes.”



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  1. says

    I will be writing that one down and placing it where I can read it often. Really struggling lately but that was definitely something I needed to read.

  2. Cindy Jones says

    Thanks so much for these powerful words. I appreciate the reminder so much I reposted your blog on my FB page to let others know of your great blog. My hubby & I are starting a blog soon (texaswinecamp), so I really enjoy a great blog when I find one!

  3. Karen hornsten says

    Is the beautiful saying above your dad’s direct quote from his sermon? I would like to get his permission to use it to make a sign. Or maybe he got it from another source. Could you check on that please? I know these words are way too meaningful to stay dormant. Or maybe they are on their way out now because of you. None the less, i know I can’t grab them and create a wall sign freely. Thanks for the inspiration this morning. Karen

  4. Theresa L Begin says

    Thank you soo much, Mayra!!! Great words…must commit to memory. Working on my daily gratitude journal and you and your Inspirational shares, like this one, is one of the things I am grateful for today. Thank you again. Your sister in Christ ~Theresa.

  5. Christie Anderson says

    Thank you so much for sharing that. What a beautiful way to start my week with such positive thoughts!

  6. Luna says

    I love all the verses on psalm..I have to many favorite verses in psalm.. Very inspiring and motivating! Thanks for sharing this one.. :)
    Luna´s last blog post ..Chalet 1802



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