Making Family Rules Fun!

It’s time again for another “Put Your House In Order” post! I’m loving the other brilliant women that I’m collaborating with on this project. I’ve learned so much from them already. Be sure to check out their links at the bottom of this post!


Rules. The word just evokes negative thoughts about someone “cramping my style.” Ha! Don’t you think the same thing?

When I was a kid, my family had rules. There were house rules, barn rules, out-in-public rules etc . . . we had a lot of rules. They were good rules. Like “don’t run in the house.” Oh, how I wish I had listened to that rule. It would have saved me an emergency room visit late on a Saturday night, 22 stitches in my leg and a ginormous scar that refuses to go away – even 17 years later.

My parents were called strict and many times I bucked against them, but now I’m thankful. Ever so thankful, for their wisdom and positive enforcement of their rules. You see, Mom and Dad’s rules were laced with grace and they gave grace {and mercy} to us every day.

Today my husband and I were talking about our family rules. We already have marriage rules – like we don’t go to sleep at night with unresolved conflict. It’s been the best thing for our marriage even though it’s made for some very late nights because we’re both stubborn. {blush}

The hubs and I decided to make our family rules positive. Instead of “don’t’s” we came up with a lot of “do’s.”  We want our family rules to be fun, uplifting and encouraging.  Here’s what we’ve come up with:

Our Family Rules

  • Obey right away
  • Be kind and gentle with words and actions
  • Resolve conflict daily
  • Share freely
  • Tell the truth
  • Put others before yourself
  • Cheerfully serve
  • Give love, grace and mercy

My goal is to make wall art from our family rules so we will see them every day. I’ve long admired Nicole’s family rules canvas over at The Pleated Poppy. It’s just incredibly wonderful.   I think it’s a beautiful work of art!

The Pleated Poppy


Here’s a little bit more inspiration for making your family rules fun and beautiful too!

April Moffatt Design

Perfectly Imperfect

Lil Blue Boo

I love this subway art!!!

Now I’m anxious to get started on my family rules project! :)

Do you have family rules?  Do you display them in your home?

Don’t forget to visit the mah-velous posts below! :)

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  1. We have the exact same rules in our household as well. :)

  2. I love this idea! Especially, wording the rules in the positive instead of negative. It makes such a difference!

    In our old house, we had a little homeschool room where I had posted 2 rules:

    1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
    2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

  3. Last summer, our family came up with scripture based rules for our home and memorized a scripture a week. They are basic and easy. I have them posted on the fridge and we refer to them all the time. My plan has always been to make them pretty like the photos above, but I haven’t gotten there yet!!

  4. You should also check out Tara’s Family Rules Sign… Its great because she explains how.
    I’m going to attempt to make one myself soon. I already made the City sign. (
    I’m happy with the way that came out.

    I love the sign you have above because of the colors….Isn’t cool how we all can add a different touch to an idea!!
    Have fun!!!
    Patti =)

  5. I *really* like this idea. We have little ones (3, 1, and one on the way), so they obviously can’t read yet, but I think it would be good for my husband and I to set some basic tenant and then go over them with the kids till they KNOW them . . . even w/out the being able to read them factor.

    Thanks for this idea.
    Rachel´s last blog post ..Making Valentines &8212 with Toddlers

  6. Oh I have never seen rules displayed so beautifully – makes me want to run out and get some craft tools! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you keep your rules positive! GREAT post Mira! I love your heart and how it oozes passion for raising the next generation to love our God!
    Keep walking with the King!
    Courtney (WomenLivingWell)´s last blog post ..Facebook and Inappropriate Relationships

  7. I would love to make one of these! How beautiful!
    Kristen´s last blog post ..The Paper Mama Photo Challenge- Red

  8. We are working on our Family Rules. Trying to decide what is the most important so they are not overwhelming. Love these great ideas. Thanks Myra!
    Amy´s last blog post ..Sunshine to Storm

  9. Love this! I’m going to have to try to make one.

  10. Thanks Mira.. I especially loved the part about the marriage rules… we have that rule about not going to bed angry- we’ve also had some late nights!

  11. Here I am again! trying to implement comment love and see if it works:)
    Cyle Lewis´s last blog post ..Banana Pops- Better than ice cream

  12. I love this idea!!! I have a wall that is just crying for something fabulous like this….now I just need to sit down with my hubby and work on a list of great…and positive rules!!

  13. I’m not talented enough to make one from scratch but we have the same kind of thing that we bought from CBD called “Home Rules.” Each is a positive thing and it has a Scripture reference underneath as well. Things like “Love each other deeply from the heart.” It still sells there. We bought it as a small Tapestry but they have pictures and other forms as well.

  14. Rosanna Lindeman says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea, currently drafting one now, will work w/hubby later. I’m doing it in Word and using different fonts. Will find some nice paper to print it on and yes, I’d like for us to display it. Hoping to go over the rules for family devotions this week. Love the positive spin!

  15. Jana McCullough says:

    Hello –

    I love the “family rules” plaque – including the one from The Pleated Poppy. Sadly, I haven’t a creative bone in my body. Do you know of anywhere I could purchase something like these? Thank you so much.
    Jana :)

  16. I enjoy your website!! Great, fantastic articles! Thanks for producing time for it to do this

  17. Hey Myra! I loved your post on this and my friend Alicia and I over on our blog decided to do a post on our own boards and linked up to your website! Thanks for the great idea :)



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