Don’t Cheat On Quality Spray Paint {Front Door Redo}

On Tuesday while my mother’s helper was here, I decided to take my front door off it’s hinges and spray paint it. Yes, I might be slightly crazy and spontaneous, but my hubs goes with it and is happy with whatever I do ’round these parts.  We’re both thrilled with how this little project turned out!

Ultimately, I want to replace the front door with one that has glass in it to let in more light.  But for now, the front door just needed a little facelift. See?It was streaked with who knows what near the bottom of the door and gunked up where someone tried to hang a wreath, perhaps?


I took the door hardware off and sanded down some of the glue gunk with a sanding pad that I had on hand. Then I pulled out some black spray paint that I had on hand and I went to town on the door.  The result was much less than desireable. It looked like a graffiti job gone bad.

Yes, I was horrified.  And this was almost a WHOLE can of paint.

The culprit?

El cheapo Walmart Spray paint. {on left}

I made amends for my ways and went to Lowe’s and bought a couple cans of Rust-oleum spray paint.  I had a 10% off coupon, so for two cans of high quality spray paint I paid just under $14.  So worth it!

After just a smidge more than one can of Rust-oleum paint, the door looked amazing!

I got the door back on it’s hinges and added “Welcome” vinyl that I cut out with my Silhouette SD machine. I’m so excited to get my Spring wreath put together and up on my new black door!!

Before & After

What kind of front door do you have?

I’m linking up to Jen’s Weekend Wrap Up PartyTransformation Thursday, House Of Hepworths, Chic and CraftyMade By You Monday and Thrifty’s Before and After Party!

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  1. That looks awesome! I agree, good quality spray paint makes a HUGE difference. Plus they have nicer spray nozzles that go easy on your hands. :) And they have way more fun colors!

  2. That looks amazing! You really do get what you pay for when it comes to spray paint. :)

  3. Which would u recommend? The Cricut or the Silhouette? Are they pretty much the same?

    • Erika, I highly recommend a Silhouette! The Cricut has cartridges that have to be replaced. You can see a comparison chart here:

      Also, check out this post on my other blog: It shows a fun project that I just did with my Silhouette and has information for a Silhouette sale going on right now! :)

      I hope that helps! :)

    • I know you didn’t ask me for my opinion but I’m also a HUGE fan of the Silhouette. I love that I don’t have to store cartridges but my very very very favorite part is getting an idea at 11 at night, realizing I don’t have the shape for it and just going online to download it. Just ask my son’s preschool co-op classmates . . . they really enjoyed the recent transportation theme craft I threw together late Tuesday night. It never would have happened if I had to go out to get a new cartridge and it’s just not my style to think that far ahead on some stuff.

  4. I love it! I should have spray painted mine – it would have looked better. I made my door into a dutch door. It’s great for letting light in and it’s a hit in my neighborhood. I have a how-to on my blog if you want to check it out. Your blog is darling BTW.

  5. Maria Larson says:

    Thanks … I just was talking about spray painting a few things around the house and my husband was a little unsure … now I can make it look good and he will love it …

  6. What a difference! We have a very huge, thick door that, with about 7 turns of keys, will lock in as many places. Then we have a prettier wood door to hide that one; it’s common here to have a thick or padded door on the outside and a second decorative wooden one on the inside.

  7. Looks fantastic! Love the black & love your welcome sign!!

  8. Seriously, I thought that first picture of the spray paint was a SHADOW from a TREE! LOL I was like, what is she talking about, then when I looked again, I realized that was the cheap paint! How awful!

    I LOVE the after!!! And being someone that leaves my front door open all the time (I like lots of light in the house), I love that it looks good open with your entry pictures! :)

    I bought a new door last year and went with one with just plain glass with the blinds built in. I painted it red! I have always dreamed of a red front door…it just screams “Welcome” to me! :)

    I ordered vinyl with my house numbers to put on it. Here’s a post I did about it ages ago. :)

    But I will tell you, I would NOT go with the blinds in the glass again!!! At first it was great, I mean all I do it make the blinds tilt open. BUT my daughter on the other hand likes to slide the blinds up and down to see out (she’s 10…yes, she should know better…especially since I’ve told her about a million times to STOP).

    Anywho…now they don’t go all the way flat the bottom anymore, and one edge is ever so slightly slanted. It’s not really noticeable to anyone else, but I notice it and it drives me BATTY! It’s not like I can just open it up and fix it. So I will have to replace that door again much sooner than it ever should have needed it…and doors are not cheap!

  9. So, I just started reading your blog like I don’t know A WEEK AGO and I’m in LOVE….Love Love Love your sweet spirit, genius decorating ability and wonderful ideas!!! Did I ask you if you would consider my house as a side job?

  10. My front door is a HIDEOUS shade of green, with horrible light yellow trim, and the door molding is fading red. It’s quite the mess. I’ve been planning on painting it soon, I just need to decide on a color :)

  11. I love the black door! Wonder if I could convince the church to let me spray paint the parsonage door black?!

  12. Looks gorgeous!

    Now if I can just get motivated to do something about my poorly-stained, Florida-sun-faded front door with the tarnished brass hardware. It’s certainly not very welcoming.

  13. ooooh! love a black front door! it looks great!
    – {darlene}

  14. I’m SO painting my front door black as soon as the warmer weather arrives!

  15. Your door looks great! I need to paint my doors, but it wouldn’t have occurred to me to spray paint them. Last year I painted them with a latex exterior paint and now it’s chipping off and looking awful. I am soooo going to spray paint them once the all snow melts!
    And you are right, the good spray paint is 100 times better than the cheapo stuff.

  16. Thanks for sharing… I think I am going to do this to our front door!

    Please stop by my Sweet Saturdays link party!

  17. Enormous difference! Kudos! Your home will now make a fabulous first impression. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  18. You have given me hope for our front door. I think with the church’s approval (we live in the parsonage) our front door will be terra-cotta in the future.

  19. That looks fantastic!!

  20. What a big difference that black spray paint makes on your door!! Looks awesome with the welcome too!

  21. Ann Miller says:

    Wow! Love the front door, now! I would never have thought to paint it black, but I love it! I’ve been wanting to paint our front door a red. We have a tan house, trimmed in cream. I think a brick red would be pretty. We have a door with 5 windows in it (it’s mainly windows) and the screen/storm door also has 2 big windows in it. I’m not sure if my husband would let me paint the screen door. Hmmm. It would be pretty though! I also really love the Welcome sign on the door! Nice!

  22. I painted the door of our new house a deep red and attached gold house numbers to it. It still makes me smile everytime that I drive up!

  23. Question from a spray painting novice: why did you choose spray paint over regular paint? It would not have occurred to me to spray paint something so large!

  24. I am going to paint my door this spring and I needed tips on how to do it and what to use. Thank you for answering those questions for me. Your door looks really nice.

  25. Thanks for posting this! I saw it on the Frugal Girls linky party and had to check it out. We’ve been wanting to paint our door since we moved in here 2 years ago and while I was thinking we’d use foam rollers or something to keep it smooth, I’ll have to check into spray paint colors now. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  26. This is so awesome! Glad to know that walmart SP won’t cover anything!

    I’m having a party if you would like to join…

  27. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog last week and I love it! I have wanted to paint my front door black for a while and your posts definately help! I also need to paint the inside section of the door as well. What should I paint first? The inside or the outside of the door?

  28. I really like the door! I have wanted to paint our front door black for years but have a couple of questions for the expert. :o)

    Do I have to paint both sides of the door black? The inside part of it wouldn’t work with our living room.


    Is it tacky to have a black door and then a white screen door?

    Just trying to get the right info…unfortunately my husband isn’t as adventurous as yours! ;o)

    • Hey Amy! I didn’t paint the inside of my front door. :) And I think it would be fine with your screendoor. :)

  29. I love the Black door! It’s gorgeous! As for the welcome sign, I just buy mine at It is a vinyl design that I can get in one of 50+ colors, for $10 to $15! It is extrmely easy to apply, too!

  30. Love the look of black doors! I painted mine black last summer and love it! Although I re-used some black semi-gloss I already had – rolled on the flat parts and used a chip brush for the panel bevels. If I do any other doors, I’ll now consider spray painting =)

    Looks great and I like your “Welcome” decal too. Nicely done =)


  31. Vickie Johnson says:

    I love it!! What kind of door is it? Wood or Metal?

    • I echo your question, Vickie! My door is metal and a hideous, poorly painted blue…gag…(previous owners, not my choice!)…I don’t know what to do to cover metal. Do I have to use a primer? sand something down? My husband is a master woodworker, but when it comes to non-wood surfaces, we’re lost!

  32. Brandie says:

    What do you think about painting the back door black? We are replacing our back door and I’m thinking about painting it black on both sides. My back door is in the middle of the living room, do you think that would be to bold?

  33. Love the difference!

  34. I can’t believe that a different brand of spray paint made that big of a difference! I guess some things are worth splurging on. Great job!

  35. I learned not to cheap out on spray paint, too. I actually had to return a can that after just a few strokes, was not I’m a Krylon & Rustoleum gal now :D I love how comfortable the Krylon cans are. They don’t make your fingers go numb holding the spray button down.

  36. Oops, forgot to add the door looks FAB!

  37. I wish we were neighbors so we could swap front doors!!! Mine has a long oval glass in it that let’s in plenty of light, but given that my house is situated on a busy curve, the pretty oval glass gives everyone a look-see into my house! I so want a solid door like yours! But, until I get one, I might give your black spray paint idea a try! And perhaps some privacy film!

  38. I read that a black front door is bad luck. I would change it to red as red is good luck for a front door.

    • Ha! Well, first of all I don’t believe everything I read and second of all, I’m not the least bit worried about luck. :) Although I love a red front door. It just doesn’t go with the plan for our home. :)

  39. i love that front door! i have seen a few black doors this week, i like the boldness it creates. Not sure if it would work on our front door, the previous owner painted it cream with dark gray in the squares eeek. I havn’t changed it yet because i haven’t been inspired . . . until now. Did i mention it looks great!

  40. Thanks so much for sharing this tip! I am about to do the same thing to our front door (would rather replace it with one with glass too, but in the meantime, black paint will look nice and better than dingy white!) I got some average price paint at Wal-Mart but I’m totally going to get the exact same kind you did since it worked so well for you! And I have a 10%off coupon too! Meant to be. Thanks!

  41. Hi there, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I just launched a Rust-Oleum Linky and would love it if you would add this (and any other projects that use Rust-Oleum Products). No hoops or rules just a little linky for Rust-Oleum Lovers.
    You can find it here:
    Hope to see you there!

  42. I’m so happy I found this post, and even happier that it’s a few years old! I was thinking of doing this exact thing to our front door – yours looks amazing, but how is it “standing up” after a few years? Does it still look good?


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