Sunday Meditations: Finding My Way Back To Square One

Tangled.  Unfocused.  Wandering.  Searching.

These words describe my heart in the last few weeks.  In an almost unnoticed way my heart began slipping.  I didn’t see it coming, but a dark, gray cloud grew bigger and bigger right over my soul.

I cried to God for help, but I felt blind – like I couldn’t find my way back to the sunshine.

Pride kept me from talking about it.  I mistakenly thought that no one would understand.  Or perhaps they would think that something was wrong with me.

Something was wrong with me.

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  1. yvonne says

    Thank you for these beautiful words I needed today.
    As I have been hurrying and scurrying getting ready for Halloween, Christmas shopping and preparing myself and my family for the major surgery I am having in two days and the possible cancer diagnosis, I have walked away from the One orchestrating this crazy thing I call my life.

  2. says

    Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this. I really connected with it, because I recently found myself becoming tearful over “Jesus Loves Me.” It is so simply, and so true. It is all we need. Thank you!

  3. Beth says


    Your words: “Life got busy. My Bible began to gather dust. Prayer decreased. Housework piled up. Relationships struggled. Disappointment in people grew. Stress and grief over my “dark cloud” escalated.” are like words from my own life the past couple of weeks. Your post inspires me, reminds me, encourages me. Amazing. Thanks so much.


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