A Steam Mop – My Dream Mop

Mopping and I go way back.  When I was a teenager at home, I always mopped the kitchen floor for my Mom. I have fond memories of that time, but I despised the sponge mop I used. {Sorry Mom!}

No matter how well the floor was swept, there were always little particles of fuzz or dirt that got pushed all over the floor because they wouldn’t stick to the mop.

It drove me crazy to have dirt still on the floor after I “cleaned” it.

This 50s housewife must have been crazy or maybe she had nothing better to do.  Who gets rid of stress by mopping the floor?


Umkay, back to telling you about my mopping evolution.

When I got married four years ago, I decided to revolt against mops. Three houses later, I’ve never used one of those mops in my house.

The only way that we found to get the best results (meaning no pieces of extraneous fuzz or dirt) is with a good old-fashioned bucket (or sink) and sponge or rag.

This method is incredibly hard on my knees, so unfortunately the floors were the last thing to ever get cleaned.

When I was visiting my friend Alyssa back in May, she introduced me to a steam mop.

Obviously I’d been living under a rock somewhere because I’d never even heard of a steam mop.  Wow!

After my dirty floors glared at me enough and my knees and back hurt enough from scrubbing the evasive floors, I caved and purchased my very own steam mop. {Swoon}

I am in love with this mop. It is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t leave fuzz or dirt behind!  I purchased my Shark Steam Mop at Target for about $120.00.  For me, this was incredibly worth it because our entire house is hardwood and tile except for the bedrooms.

It works on both my tile and hardwood floors. I love the swivel feature – when one  side of the pad is dirty I can just flip it around and continue cleaning.  My mop has different attachments for steaming carpet or rugs and all the pads are washable!

The Shark Steam Mop cleans, sanitizes and leaves my floors beautifully clean.  My husband gave the floor a “barefoot test” and it passed with flying colors.

How do you clean your floors?  Do you use a steam mop?

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  1. says

    I’ve seen these and thought about getting one, but do they work on wood laminate floors?

    Mopping is my most dreaded chore by the way. Even worse than toilets.

  2. tabitha says

    I sooo want one of these. Now to convience the hubby that I really need one. I too hate mopping the traditional way. It just doesn’t seem clean enough. I just read him your blog so maybe he’ll understand that 120 for a good mop isn’t that bad of a price to pay if the floors are sparkly :)

  3. says

    I have a steam mop and LOVE it! At our old house we had ceramic tile in the kitchen and it worked perfectly.. I didn’t use it on the hardwood because they were really shiny nad it made them dull.. but now in our rental home we have the old farmhouse floors and it works like a dream! Wouldn’t go back to traditional mop and bucket that’s for sure – glad you are enjoying yours!
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..Jack’s Room =-.

  4. says

    I am using a sponge mop, and also hate it. Little strips of fuzz at the end of the mop stroke. My problem is that I cannot justify buying a $100 mop (I think I saw it for $80 at Sam’s Club) for just the dining room and kitchen. I hardly ever mop, but am trying to get better about it. The funny thing is that we have a 15 month old who walks and crawls around barefooted (and barehanded!). A few times when we have been to the grandparents house (both sets), she has ended up with really dirty feet, and I know they JUST mopped. I never have that problem at my house and I know their floors are cleaner than mine. ????? One grandma uses a swiffer wetmop, so I’m wondering if it leaves residue, and since I rinse so much when I mop it doesn’t.

  5. Lori says

    LOVE my steam mop for all of my hard floors, so much quicker than all other methods! (and quicker drying time also, with kids that is a definite plus!)

  6. Sharon says

    I’ve been wondering if those things were worth the money! Thanks for posting this! Is it durable? My family is moving to the mission field in the next 2 years, and they have all hard floors (tile maybe?). I’ve been scheming for ways around the traditional bucket and mop. Would this stand-up to a whole house?

  7. Sarah says

    I really want one too! Our house is predominantly laminate and tile (carpet only in bedrooms) and I’m about to have a crawler on my hands. I wonder where you can get the best deal on one……Hmmm…..

  8. says

    We have LOTS of tile in our house and I LOVE a good shiny clean floor. I go between the self wringing mop and the bucket and cloth on my hands and knees. My neighbor just bought one of the Shark Steam Mops and raves about it. I should probably get one, but I keep finding something else to spend my $$ on!

  9. says

    well I may have to buy one today while I am out. I have been considering it for a long while, but just haven’t given in. We have would and linoleum floors in all rooms except our bedroom and family room. I never feel like our floor is clean, not even when I hands and knees it. I even bought a scrub brush with a handle to help save my knees and I never feel like our floor is clean. I may have to cave. Thanks for the review
    Brooke´s last blog post ..Good News

  10. says

    We use the Swiffer Wet. (Not the Swiffer WetJet). We have laminate floors and bought an expensive name-brand Mohawk cleaning kit, but we just didn’t like it. It didn’t work too well, but the Swiffer works great!

  11. Lisa says

    I have been saving to get one of these. They are about the same price at Bed Bath and Beyond and you can use one of their coupons.

  12. Jill Magnuson says

    I just mopped my floors this morning and used my favorite birthday present, my steam mop!!! I know I’m weird I asked for this for my birthday, but hey I didn’t want to spend the money on it! So I got one for my birthday. I totally love it. It is great! I have tile all over and it cleans it soo nicely. I know my parents got my mop at Costco and it was a bit cheaper and came with 3 attachments heads. I believe it was around $80 bucks!

  13. says

    Gosh, now you got me curious about this little thing. $120 for a mop! Man, must be pretty awesome. I HATE mopping, but I LOVE clean floors. I guess if it gets the job done, then it’s worth it. Great post! I’ll be keeping my eye on these now. :)

  14. says

    I love it! It is on my list of things to purchase for my house! Now to only get the $’s to do so. Thank you for giving such a great review. We have a Collie (just picture Lassie) and she is a sweet, obedient dog but I would feel so much better if my floors were cleaner and I do need the one that can steam carpets too.
    Love your blog!

  15. says

    My aunt has one, and I absolutely adore it.

    But, we only have linoleum and carpet – we tried to use it for the carpet, but it wasn’t thorough enough… so we have to be all primitive and use a sponge mop and vacuum cleaner… 😛

    Congrats on the new mop… and I’m so glad you’re leg is healing!

    Christ’s blessings,
    Shelby L’Rae´s last blog post ..Can you grab that last load- honey

  16. says

    I have a Vileda mop that’s basically like a Swiffer, but has cloth heads you can throw in the washer. In this house I have a small amount of hard floors, and the kitchen is worn and poorly sealed so I can’t justify to myself the expense of a steam mop, even though I do want one!

  17. says

    I have this mop too and love it! I wish that I had it when my kids were younger and crawling all over the floor. I hated the idea of them crawling on the floor that I just cleaned with chemicals. This mop does a great job- and no chemicals!

  18. says

    Have the mop, love it, love it. Again, nothing but squeaks and a glow to my tile…Works wonderfully on Wilsonart type flooring also, and vinyl. Highly recommend those things!

  19. Candace says

    Have one and LOVE it!!!! I’ve had it for several years and have gone through about 6 pads. I HIGHLY recommend that you hand wash the pads with a little dish soap. I have found if I hand wash it in the sink right after I’m done it comes out almost perfectly clean. The ones I’ve thrown in the washing machine stained and never get completely white again.

    Also – it is the only thing I ever used on the laminate floor and it dries so quickly that it doesn’t damage it.

  20. Janette says

    I LOVE this mop! I have tile all over my house and this has saved me hours of mopping. I too was a on your hands and knees mopper, but with this beauty I no longer need to do that!

  21. says

    I just bought one last week at Kohl’s ($119) with a 30% off coupon. I haven’t even tried it yet but I’ve been wanting to get it because my main floor is almost all wood floors and vinyl flooring. I am even more excited now after reading all this to get it out. I need to get to the store and get distilled water though because we have really hard water and I read it recommends using distilled water if I have hard water.
    Jennifer´s last blog post ..Camping

    • Myra says

      Hey Jennifer! Have you used it yet? I normally just use water that runs through our Brita filter. :) I know you’ll love it!

  22. says

    Hi, I’ve read a lot of complains on how steam mops don’t live up to the hype that they said they would and I have doubts in purchasing one because of this. There are 2 different floor types at my house; wood and tile. My concern is would it help protect the my wood in the long run because I am scared about how it will clean it but will rapidly deteriorate my wood flooring. Thanks!
    Anne @ Mop Bucket with Wringer´s last blog post ..Mop Bucket with Wringer from Lowes – Quality and Affordability in One

  23. says

    Tweet it! love it…I know what a helpful post as I do clean myself to shine my floor. Some of tools is my common household. Hardly used any chemical solution as I use steam mop & it works fine. Thanks for sharing great tips also.

  24. says

    I’m always searching ways to make this clean chores much easier. Any form of appliance or technology that means I can spend less time cleaning and more time with my kids or to do what I like is a must for me. This is why I’m always on the hunt for the latest and most innovative technology to make housework a whole lot easier. then i was found steam mop, it sure make my cleaning chores much more easier. glad you found steam mop …



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