Spring Cleaning Inspiration!

Since we put our house on the market a month ago, my husband and I “end-of-winter” cleaned our house, so I don’t have to do Spring cleaning!  Yay!  I’m FINALLY conquering the housekeeping issues that I’ve had for the last four years.


You think I’m kidding?  I’m not.  I’m cross my heart, hope to die – serious.

I’ve learned a few things that help me keep my sanity as I constantly chase and redirect Ridley every day!

  • #1 tip for keeping a clean house: Put your house on the market! Ha! Not really, but it has helped me.

I think I’m turning into a psychotic cleaning person.  Is that what they call a germaphobe?  Just kidding.  I just can’t stand it if there are dishes in my sink and toys all over the floor.  This, my friends is an incredible change for me!

  • #2 tip:  Keep up with the dishes as you dirty them. Sounds so simple, but it’s been revolutionary for me!
  • #3 tip:  Make the beds every day! I’ve found that making the bed makes the whole house seem cleaner.
  • #4 tip:  Have short 5-10 minute cleaning “frenzies” to do a general pickup, get rid of clutter, throw junk mail away etc.  Trust me.  It works wonders!

I’m always in need of inspiration to get going on Spring cleaning (except for this year)!   Several friends are blogging about their Spring cleaning/decluttering adventures.  I love reading about all their progress and I know you will too!

Amy’s Declutter Challenge - 730 items in 365 days!  Such a fabulous idea!  I think we got rid of 1000 things in 2 days when we did our cleaning a month ago!

Fishmama’s Spring Clean Along – I love Jessica’s vlogs!  She’s got some great ideas!

Spring Cleaning Week hosted by Simple Mom –  If you’ve never been to Tsh’s website, you’ve got to check it out!  It’s all about simplifying – isn’t that what we all need?

The Happy Housewife has a great Clean Home Fresh Start series going right now!

Money Saving Mom is also hosting a Clear Out the Clutter Challenge, so check it out!

I hope that you are inspired today to have a cleaner home.  I’ve found that when my house is clean, my heart is more peaceful.  Surely I’m not alone!

What is your favorite “keeping up with the housework” tip?

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  1. Thanks for the site recommendations!

  2. I agree. The house is more peaceful when it’s clean. Hope your house sells quickly!

  3. http://www.flylady.net you won’t ever spring or fall clean again and will be able to maintain your sanity and house 15 min at a time.Been using it for yrs since I am not a born organizer of housekeeping.
    .-= chefjulsowings´s last blog ..A CENTURY TURNS =-.

    • I use fly lady too, her morning and evening routines really help keep me going with a 10 month old. My life is waaaay more calm.

  4. Thanks for the link love! I’m reducing my “work” hours this week, so maybe I will have a cleaner house. One can always hope….

  5. What an awesome and TIMELY post!

    I am all about #2 lately, it really helps to load the dishwasher AS I’m cooking dinner instead of being left (or having the boyfriend) with sinks full of dirty dishes.

    Thank you for sharing all the other links too!
    .-= Sarah @ OneStarryNight´s last blog ..Basic Aperture =-.

  6. I just did this, this morning. . .this works wonders when you have a bigger house or more children leaving clutter behind. . .I take laundry baskets and add stuff that has acumulated all over the house into them. I have an upstairs basket for the girls stuff and a downstairs basket for the boys stuff. Then I am not making 15 trips upstairs and downstairs. . .instead I make one trip with the basket and put stuff away in that area of the house.

    .-= Gabrielle Olson´s last blog ..Spring Break is over. . . =-.

  7. I do feel so much better when my house is clean and I use a lot of the tips you suggested. But I think you have to find the balance. I know people who forget to simply enjoy their children because they are so worried about keeping their house perfect.

    • @Amy Nabors, Amy, I totally understand that! I used to be that person who’s house had to be perfect or no one could come over. I’ve come to the realization that life is much more fun and stress-free when I just live. :)

      Thanks for your great comment!

  8. I periodically tell my husband that it would be easier to move than to clean/organize our house since moving forces me to declutter! He only thinks I’m kidding!
    .-= Beth´s last blog ..J is for Josiah =-.

  9. Thanks for the great suggestions and the links to various challenges. I’m currently taking part in a challenge issued by Traci from Ordinary Inspirations. What is my favorite “keep up the house cleaning” tip?

    I have two.

    1) Get your kids involved picking up toys, putting stuff away, etc.
    2) Do one thing every day whether it’s dusting, vaccuming, etc.
    .-= Kristine McGuire´s last blog ..Cleaning Up The Clutter! =-.

  10. Your mother absolutely never taught you any of those simple tips when you were growing up!!!! :)

  11. I have two tips:
    1.I set my oven alarm for 10 minutes and pick up as soon as I put the baby down. I cannot believe how much that helps everything. It’s made the world of difference.
    2.I just discovered http://www.motivatedmoms.com . I bought their downloadable schedule for $8 (and if you use the coupon code “giveaways” you get a dollar off).
    I cannot tell you what an encouragment this has been to make me feel on top of everything, to feel accomplished, and it’s sort of fun to check everything off. I LOVE it.
    .-= Helen Joy´s last blog ..It’s over… =-.

    • @Helen Joy, Girl, these are wonderful ideas! I think setting a timer is one that I will be using. I’ve downloaded the MM planner…now I just need to use it. :)

      Thanks for your always wonderful comments. I’ve been thinking of you and praying for you. ((hugs))

  12. Selling our house is what did it for me. Although, I find that between showings we have a way of slowly letting things pile up again.

  13. Thanks for the link! I’m thinking “end of winter” cleaning is MUCH smarter than spring cleaning. With the nicer weather I’m in NO MOOD for such things. Not that I am in winter, either… ;)

  14. Myra, you have no idea how much I am struggling right now to keep my house clean. WOW! I understand right where you are coming from.
    .-= Jasmine´s last blog ..What’s in your stomach? =-.

  15. it sounds so easy *sigh* but it isnt happy here this week lol
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Say hello to my little friend =-.

  16. Hi there and greetings from OKLAHOMA! I agree with your cleaning tips! Must make the beds every day! Must keep those dishes clean and out of the sink! Must go on a small cleaning frenzy every so often…daily! If nothing else….other than your house staying clean and tiday…you will get a daily work out and be an AWESOME example for your children!
    Keep up the great work and have a blessed….life :)-



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