Rookie Mom Crisis Fail!

Photobucket This is the longest blog post I’ve written in months…consider yourself warned! :)

The last two days have two of the toughest in my career as Ridley’s mommy. I have not been the trophy mom totally in control of herself. Absolutely not.

When I saw him trip and fall face forward into a wooden chair and collapse on the floor with wails, I knew it was bad. I grabbed him up and saw blood everywhere.  It’s still like slow motion in my mind.

I’m fully aware that head wounds bleed profusely and look much worse than they actually are. I grew up with brothers, believe me, I know how it is. But my sensible self quickly disappeared as I saw my baby so afraid, in pain and bleeding.

Yep, ALL of my common sense flew far, far away.

I grabbed a clean damp rag, wrapped an ice cube in it and tried to hold it on Ridley’s mouth.  If you’ve ever “struggled” with a hurt, scared 1 year old, you know that they are quite adept at winning the battle to avoid the ice cube!  Arms flailing. Head twisting.  The whole package.

I immediately tried calling my mom’s cell (no answer), my parent’s home phone (no answer) and Ernie’s work (no answer).  At this point I started bawling my eyes out and shaking like crazy because I was scared, frustrated (because no one would answer their phone!!!!) and didn’t know what to do.  I just needed SOMEBODY to help me think things through!

Finally, my brother Luke answered his cell phone and within 5 minutes my Mom had arrived.  (Automatic sigh of relief)  My Mom asked where the Rescue Remedy was and she gave both Ridley and me some to help calm us down – it works amazingly!  I also gave Ridley some Tylenol and the bleeding finally stopped.

After we calmed down, Mom left and I fixed Ridley’s supper.  He wouldn’t let me look at his mouth, but he was grinning for the camera, so I took this picture…


Notice anything a little concerning in the picture?  Yeah, I noticed too.  I started to panic again, but this time I prayed and tried to think rationally.  I got in touch with my friend’s mother who works at our dentist’s office.  She was so sweet and helpful and even met us at church to look at it.

I felt SO much better. Until this morning.  On the way to the dentist’s office, I was on the phone with my sister and I started falling completely apart.  It’s just REALLY hard seeing your baby hurt.

We waited for only 5 minutes before the dentist could see Ridley.  He examined his tooth and gums and Ridley defensively chomped his finger.  I can’t believe that he didn’t even flinch. I didn’t know that Ridley bit him until 2 minutes later when he told me!

The dentist said that if Ridley was his son, he wouldn’t do anything about the loose gum tissue.  If there is some residual tissue there in about a month, they can do a little bit of laser work to smooth it out.

I felt like squeezing the dentist’s neck, except I was in the chair holding Ridley.  I did tell him that he was pretty much my hero.  He has NO idea!

It’s going to look pretty ugly for a while, but at least Ridley and I don’t have to go through the trama of sedation and stitches.


If you had told me 3 days ago that I would lose all coherent abilities to think clearly in a time of crisis, I would have never believed you.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I normally rise to the occasion during a crisis.  I take control and help others.

Ahem.  Then I became a mom. Apparently everything’s changed.

Maybe my bravery and stability will return before I’m 80.  So today my “fail” is probably more of a rookie mom experience, but hey, it counts, right?!

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  1. says

    Oh I don’t know who to feel more sorry for, him or you? There is nothing worse then seeing someone you love in pain and feeling helpless. So happy he is ok and so are you.

    You did good! Next time you will be even better…hopefully there won’t be a next time though.


  2. says

    I have totally been there! I have definitely have had that moment where the only thing I know to do is cry and call my mom! Of course, I have also scared my mother to death doing that…I’m so sorry he had that little fall. It is a relief to see that smile though!

  3. says

    Oh, my you are definitely not alone! Seeing your kids get hurt(or in some cases, deathly sick)is totally nerve-wracking….and even the ‘strongest’ of moms can easily fall apart in the middle of dealing with a bad crisis.
    We had something so similiar happen to our first on the way to church one time. It was so bad that we ended up not even making it to the service! And I worried for days that his little teeth would be permanently damaged from hitting so hard, but thankfully it turned out fine.
    An even worse time was when our second got her finger stuck underneath a rocking chair my husband was sitting in. Honestly? We thought it had gotten cut off….so yeah things were pretty crazy for a few minutes there. Thankfully it wasn’t even broken, but it was very badly bruised and cut up.
    More than likely you’ll never totally get over reacting in some way to seeing them get hurt, but I think with time you’ll probably learn how to just pray and calm your nerves better. Just hang in there! Being a mom is awesome and scary all at the same time. :-)
    .-= Tyra´s last blog ..Thoughts of Thankfulness =-.

  4. Amy Blaylock says

    I know exactly how you felt/feel! Except I am usually the one who falls apart and Michael holds it together, BUT when Claire fell HE freaked out and I had to remain calm. Not an easy thing to do when you baby is falling to pieces and bleeding! I am proud of you! Surviving the first big injury is tough! :) I am soooo glad his teeth are ok. God is good!

  5. says

    Poor baby! It is so heartbreaking when your little one gets hurt. Last summer when the doctor told me Caedmon had broken his arm, I felt the blood drain from my body and my knees went weak. Becoming a mommy does seem to change your rationality I think. So glad everything is looking up for your little man!
    .-= Candace´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday =-.

  6. says

    You are not alone. Blood pouring out of anywhere us just freaky, but what made it worse for you was not having anybody there to support you in your crisis.

    Harrison hurt his gums above his top tooth when he was one. It was not pretty either. He has a tiny little spot that is receded but hey, could have been worse.

    Chalk it up to experience. :). Poor baby. (how funny that he bit the dentist- that was how he reacted to stress). Hee her


  7. says

    You are NOT a failure — you’re a momma who was more concerned about her son than anything! I think I’d rather have to see some residual gum tissue that will eventually go away and be easy schmeezie to repair than to have your son’s ENTIRE TOOTH TURN BROWN! So, honestly, be thankful that it’s just tissue… :( Drew’s tooth HAS lightened but it was like… ??? DARK BROWN when he fell and his his mouth on the coffee table. UGH! Why can’t we just wrap them in BUBBLE WRAP until they’re 7!?!
    .-= April Driggers´s last blog ..The burdens and blessings of homeschooling and what led us down this path =-.

  8. says

    Sorry that happened. I totally know that feeling you are talking about. I think you handled it well being his first injury and all! I am usually very resolved in difficult situations as well, but there’s something about your son that gets you in a new way. It’s nice to hear an experts opinion too huh and good to know he thinks it’ll resolve itself on its own and nothing a little laser can’t fix if not. And he’s still smiling! :)
    .-= Kimberly at Frugal Playground´s last blog ..Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinic this Saturday =-.

  9. says

    Since Barclay has started walking, I have experienced several of these instances and I go numb. I can’t even look at the injury and have to get someone else to. I’m good for nothing.
    Poooor little Ridley!
    .-= Helen Joy´s last blog ..Web Site =-.

  10. says

    This isn’t just a rookie mom thing – I still go wonkers when my kids are hurt – and my oldest is 17. :( I decided that’s what daddy’s are for! The other day I left them home while I ran to town. I told them to call if they needed anything – my daughter said, “Yes, Mom – we know to call you if we’re hungry and Dad if there’s blood and guts involved!” So wise! :)
    .-= Melinda´s last blog ..How Do You Love? =-.

  11. says

    This truly is a sad story. Head wounds are traumatic. I can just see this scene unfurl. So sorry for the scare, both of you. It looks like he is perfectly happy, again, loose tissue and all.


  12. says

    no, it won’t come back by time you are 80…then it will be grandkids and great grandkids. I’ve watched my parents that patched all the neighborhood kids together including stitching them up fall completely apart of something as simple as a cut on the hand from picking at the can lid that didn’t come off with the can opener from their great grandson who’s going on 13.

  13. says

    I’m almost done with nursing school, so I have seen lots of blood and guts. No problem. But when Bradley cut himself recently, I had to sit down on the floor THREE TIMES to keep from passing out. I tell people I just don’t do family blood. It’s hard. Of course, Bradley was ok, but Mama was not. Xon told me I better get used to it with a boy. I totally sympathize and am sorry you had to go through that.

  14. Shelley says

    I had a VERY similar situation with my oldest child…except she ran into the corner of the kithen counter, and she cracked a lower tooth that had to be removed. The gum on her upper tooth looked a little “off” until her permanent teeth came in, now you don’t see a thing! Love your blog!



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