About Me

This is me. I want to always be just that — me. I am far from perfect. My house is messy more than it’s clean, my clean laundry is more often in a pile than folded in drawers and the dishes are not always done. I’m striving for improvement, but I’m still very much an unfinished product. This blog is a journey and I hope that you will enjoy traveling along with me!

I love God, my amazing childhood-sweetheart husband and our precious son. I’m blessed to be a stay-at-home-mom.

I love baby wearing, natural health, interior design, the Psalms, Sonic strawberry limeades, watching football and basketball with Prince Charming, blogging (duh!), hanging out with my amazing family, serious talks, Mexican food, music, side-aching laughter, facebook, couponing, cooking without recipes, TJ Maxx, being silly with my Little Man, watching him explore and learn, planning events, eating Japanese, covenant theology, yard sales, thrift stores, photography, making lists, twitter, meeting other moms, talking about childbirth, breastfeeding and all the other wonderful things that go with that territory. I don’t love cleaning my house, working out or watering the flowers, but I do it anyway and I’m always so happy when it’s done! I am blessed to daily experience God’s Spirit witnessing with my spirit that I am His child. My life is blessed because of Him.

I LOVE this man!

Prince Charming and I first “saw” (not met) each other when I was 9 years old and he was 10. We each went home that night and told our respective siblings that we saw the person that we were going to marry. Exactly 15 years later, we did just that on definitely one of the best days of my life when God even sent snowflakes during the reception. We live in Alabama and never, ever get snow, so it was pretty special! Prince Charming is my rock, my encourager and my biggest fan. He gives me more love than I deserve. He’s pretty much the most amazing man I have ever known–my Dad runs a very close second though!

Love those baby blues!

This is our Little Man. Probably every single parent thinks their child is the happiest kid on the block, but seriously, folks, this kid is amazing! He’s a precious bundle of joy. We are so thankful that God gave him to our little family.

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