Nora is ONE!

I can’t believe how time flies. Seriously. And I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since Nora turned one. I’m a terrible blogger. AHHHH!

But, I MUST show these wonderful photos to you that totally capture Nora’s sweet personality.
Nora 1st Birthday 2

She is a total light and JOY in our lives!

Nora 1st Birthday 4

Nora 1st Birthday 5

Nora 1st Birthday 6

Nora 1st Birthday 7

Nora 1st Birthday 8

Nora 1st Birthday 9

Nora 1st Birthday 10

Nora 1st Birthday 11

Nora 1st Birthday 20

Nora 1st Birthday

Nora is seriously my doll baby. I just can’t even get over how much I adore her. We all adore her. Her daddy and brothers are quite smitten.

She’s a petite little thing and she’s FINALLY creeping along furniture and trying to take a few steps. She lets go and takes two steps and falls into me.

I hope you’re smiling today and that Nora brightened your day too!


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  1. Sue says

    Nora is a beautiful baby. Her eyes are stunning! Would love to see pictures of the entire family,especially those sons.

  2. Sherri S. says

    Absolutely! She brightens the whole planet She is simply beautiful! Hard to believe that she is already a year old. Thanks for sharing!



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